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Event Name:CE9.17 Structural-Visceral Integration: Mid-Back, Thorax & Diaphragm
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
  March 31 - April 2nd, 2017
Course Number:
  Bruce Schonfeld
  $595 if registered 60 days in advance, $750 thereafter
+ $25 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  3 Required Intermediate Credits
Class Info:
  Bruce Schonfeld
Event Date:03-31-17
Event Time:3/31 4-9pm; 4/1&2 8:30am-6pm
Location:Yo San University
13315 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90066

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Contact Person:Bruce Schonfeld
Details:Structural-Visceral Approaches for the Mid-Back, Thorax & Diaphragm (SVMB) primarily balances membranous tension of the pleura and pericardium within the thoracic cavity.

SVMB offers a complementary approach to Visceral Mobilization rooted in respectful direct technique and hands-on skills familiar to a Structural Integrator.

Encouraging optimal mobility between the container and its contents, SVMB correlates basic joint biomechanics of the thoracic spine and ribcage with the underlying membranes and organs. In concert with keeping a global structural perspective, as well as SI's core/sleeve logic, SVMB further contextualizes the thoracic and mediastinal cavities within the thoracolumbar fascia and upper extremities. Special attention is paid to the articular system's distal connections into the wrist, hand and fingers.

Pattern recognition of inhalation/exhalation breathing preferences will be explored with clinical applications in mind. Additional visceral components of interest include the esophagus, esophageal hiatus, trachea, heart, fibrous pericardium, sternopericardial ligaments, interclavicular ligament and phrenopericardial ligament. SVMB's approach is volumetric, effecting aspects of the respiratory, cardiovascular and neuromusculoskeletal systems.  

Students will develop clinically effective assessment skills and fascial manipulation techniques through lecture, demonstration, supervision and practical hands-on exchanges.

Also familiar to an Rolfer, the viscera associated with SVMB are conceptually organized within the same general architectural framework of Dr. Rolf's sessions 1-6. SVMB additionally utilizes the 'Principles Approach' to strategizing sessions as developed by Sultan, Salveson, and Maitland.

Fascinated by the inter-relationship between the container and it's contents, Bruce Schonfeld has studied Rolfing Structural Integration and Visceral Osteopathy since 1992. More Bio at
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