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Event Name:MABA Webinar - Getting the Most (Water) Out of Dewatering Equipment

Please join Bill Toffey, Terry Goss, and Dan Fronhofer as they present "Getting the Most (Water) Out of Dewatering Equipment".

We need greater clarity in dewatering. Choices in dewatering equipment and promised cake solids have increased in lockstep over the past decade. Yet, simultaneous changes on liquid side processes, such as enhanced nutrient removal and fine screening, have in some cases worked against expected performance of dewatering equipment, with low cake solids the consequence.  Webinar presenters Terry Goss and Dan Fronhofer will discuss how optimal decisions for equipment choices follow from a consideration of all factors -- sludge feedstock characteristics and flow rates, piloted equipment performance, anticipated labor requirements, calculated energy and chemical costs, solids capture requirements, projected maintenance needs, and cake odor and consistency. Goss will cover two topics. The first includes those aspects of sludge characteristics which influence inherent potential dewaterability, such as degree of stabilization, feed solids content, the role of extracellular polymeric substances, and the ratio of mono and divalent cations. Second, Goss will speak on centrifuge technology, the theory and practice of centrifuge operations and recent technology advances. Fronhofer will also cover two topics. First, he will cover the wide field of press technologies, reviewing the variety of belt filter presses, along with the newcomers, screw and rotary presses, and the recently introduced hydraulic piston press. Toffey will then review several innovations to dewatering systems purported to result in higher cake solids, such as electro-dewatering, post aerobic treatment, enhanced polymer blending and equipment offerings from Orege and CNP AirPrex. The optimal system is a tough choice, but that is why are all paid the big bucks. LOL!

Bill Toffey has 35 years’ experience in municipal wastewater, environmental and energy management. He is the principal of Effluential Synergies LLC, a sustainable residuals consultancy, and serves as the Executive Director of the Mid Atlantic Biosolids Association. During his career he has authored over 60 papers and presentations to a range of local, national and international technical audiences. He is the author of a biosolids technical report issued to MABA members twice monthly. Mr. Toffey graduated from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University, and has a Masters of Regional Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Terry Goss is a Biosolids Technology Leader at AECOM. He has over 14 years of experience dealing sludge and biosolids process technology. He was a contributor to the 5th Edition of the Metcalf & Eddy/AECOM Wastewater Engineering Textbook. Terry has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina State University and a M.S in Environmental Engineering from Villanova University. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in North Carolina.

Dan Fronhofer is a Process Engineer and Vice President at BDP Industries, a leading supplier of solids dewatering systems in the US and internationally, with over 1,000 installations in municipal and industrial applications.  Dan has a Bachelor of Science in Biological & Environmental Engineering from Cornell University in 2004 and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New York State.   

Event Date:02-22-18
Event Time:12:00 PM - 01:00 PM Eastern
Contact Person:Cheryl Paulin
(phone: 717-630-0303)
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