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Event Name:“Caucus Breakfast” discussion of “New Developments in Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis” during APPAM Conference
Description:The Caucus will provide APPAM conference participants a chance to learn about the new developments in regulatory BCA and to brainstorm ideas about the implications for research and policy. Don Kenkel of Cornell University (SBCA Vice President) will provide a brief introduction about President Trump’s Executive Orders regarding offsetting the number and cost of new regulations through de-regulatory actions and on enforcing the regulatory reform agenda.

Long-standing Executive Orders require federal agencies to conduct BCA as part of their Regulatory Impact Analysis. Many other countries have similar requirements. There are also important precedents for the Trump Executive Orders. President Obama issued an Executive Order requiring retrospective BCAs. Other countries including Canada and the UK have implemented regulatory budgeting and one-in, one out rules on a smaller scale.

This broad context will inform discussion of specific challenges created by the Trump administration initiative: How should we best identify regulations that should be modified or eliminated? When will factors such as sunk costs mean that the costs saved by eliminating a regulation are much different than the costs of the regulation when originally enacted? How should the foregone benefits of the eliminated regulations be considered?

The Caucus should be of interest to practitioners and academics interested in the regulatory review process and benefit-cost analysis, as well as experts in policy areas subject to federal regulation including environmental policy, health and safety policy, food and drug policy, and transportation and infrastructure policy. The intent of the Caucus is to help foster an ongoing dialogue between academic researchers and the practitioners of regulatory review who face the immediate challenges. The Caucus follows on the discussion at the September workshop hosted by the SBCA, the Administrative Conference of the U.S., and the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center.
Event Date:11-04-17
Event Time:7:15 - 8:15 a.m.
Location:Regency Ballroom (Hyatt Regency Chicago)
151 E Upper Wacker Dr
Chicago, IL 60601

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Contact Person:Erika Dowd
(phone: 206-616-4090)
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