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Event Name:CE10.18 Freedom of the Wings: Shoulder to Finger Tips
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
  March 9,10,11, 2018
Course Number:
  Valerie Berg
  $525 + $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  3 Required Intermediate Credits
Class Info:
  Valerie Berg
Event Date:03-09-18
Location:San Diego, CA

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Contact Person:Valerie Berg
(phone: 505-463-0577)
Details:A year ago in a strange event, my left humerus was crushed by my own car after falling and having it rolled on my arm. My other hand had all the fingers broken. Everything from proprioception, haptic touch, re-integrating my “wing” back into my whole body response to life and to my work became my focus. I use this experience, and my years of fascination with structural/functional compensations, to teach the anatomy, the rotational necessities, and the intricate workings of our precious arms and hands.

We will learn the fascial connections from the spine to the fingers, the fine tuning of the exquisite elbow joint and the proprioceptive links from humerus to the hand. Our arms and hands are the conduit through which we engage our world especially as Rolfers but also in influencing our relationships through touch, speaking and all the functioning of our senses that are expressed.

Class will be held in a residence. There is limited room for staying in the residence for a small fee or hotel names can be provided. The class will be limited to 8 people.

Valerie Berg, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Movement Practitioner and Basic Faculty Member. A Rolfer of 30 years and Faculty member for 15 years. She has been teaching CE classes, Structural Aging and Deepening the Ten SEries over the last 10 years.
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