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Event Name:RMA2.18 Rolf Movement Certification
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
Rolf Movement Training
Region - RISI, Boulder CO
  April 30 – May 18, 2018
Course Number:
  15 Rolf Movement Credits
(15 Days Credit toward Rolf Movement Certification)
Event Date:04-30-18
Contact Person:Admissions
(phone: 303-449-5903)
Details:The Ten Session Framework through an Embodied Training in Coordinative, Perceptual and Expressive Structures
Rolf Movement® Certification Training is a distinct and complimentary program to the Basic and Advanced Rolfing® Structural Integration programs. Through a lens based upon the Ten Series and experienced through embodied movement, students will learn theory, skills, and processes to work with client’s coordinative, perceptual and expressive structures. These are synergistic to, and essential for, highly successful and integrative fascial work. As Dr. Rolf so keenly understood, and current research supports, these structures must be addressed to evoke and maintain normal functioning and general health.
Skills explored within these somatic movement education modules;
  • Understanding the Ten Session logic and framework through coordination, perception and expression. Embodied explorations will be a platform for the practitioner to deepen their understanding and effectiveness of the Rolfing process as a whole, as well as session by session.
  • Theoretical knowledge and practical applications of Rolf Movement Integration
  • The ability to see and understand the body in motion
  • Cultivating qualities of touch and language
  • Deepening presence and resonance in clinical relationships.
  • Strategizing and building a series of 3 Rolf Movement sessions. This will support Rolfers in creating a richer tool-set for meeting the varied needs of clients.
  • Learn to apply Rolf Movement theory, principles and embodied explorations to lead group classes. This will create additional support for clients and provide a vehicle to reach out to interested groups as a potential way of meeting new clients and introducing them to the Rolfing process. (Last week of Module “B”)
Taking both the A and B 15-day modules will certify you as a Rolf Movement Practitioner in 2018.
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