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Event Name:CE13.18 Explorations in Wholeness - From Bones to Fluids Module 1
Event Type(s):Continuing Education
  June 7-10, 2018
8:30 am to 5:30 pm
Course Number:
  Thomas Walker & Gale Loveitt
  $625 + $30 administrative fee
CE Credits:
  4 Elective Credits
Class Info:
  Thomas Walker
Event Date:06-07-18
Location:2305 Orangewood Drive, Suite 106
Durham, NC

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Contact Person:Thomas Walker
(phone: 970-870-2888)
Details:Science tells us that 70% of the adult body is fluid. We have learned, primarily, to relate to the solid pieces (anatomy) which make up only 30% of the body. Fascia is the largest physical component of the body. Research has shown that what has traditionally been taught about fascia and fascial manipulation is scientifically and experientially inaccurate and incomplete. These studies indicate that in the highly fluidic fascia there are no divisions or structures and that learning to interact with this "fluid body" is a tremendously effective way to support healing. You will be introduced to the Fluid Body and its self - ordering capacity. One can't engage the Fluid Body as we have learned to work with solid anatomy. Most of this Module will be oriented toward exploring the felt sense of “presence”, expanding your perceptions and giving you the skills needed to interact directly with the Fluid Body. This also allows the Fluid Body's Inherent Healing and self-organization to reveal itself to you. You will learn to balance fascia as a whole through Balanced Membranous Tension. You can get more done with less effort.

This Module teaches the fundamentals for every other Module of the Listening Hands Seminars.
One 4-day class
  • Presence and neutral
  • The autonomic nervous system and therapeutic relationship
  • 3 models of cranial sacral therapy and their whole–body expressions
  • Receiving hands vs Doing hands
  • Organizing joint midlines
  • Decompressing bones
  • Fascia states of balance
  • Introduction to Wholeness and Primary Respiration
  • Explorations of Wholeness

Thomas is on the faculty of the Rolf Institute and has been a Rolfer™ for 31 years. He has studied craniosacral therapy since 1993 and has over 1200 hours of training in biodynamic cranial sacral therapy. Thomas has spent the last 20 years integrating this knowledge into the Rolfing® paradigm. Thomas's initial Rolfing training involved an assertive/direct approach to the myofascial system. He is now able to help bring balance and organization to the body with a more integrative and comprehensive

Gale has been a Rolfer® for 28 years. She has studied cranial work and has been practicing biodynamic touch in all aspects of her work for 20 years. She has assisted all phases of the basic Rolfing® training, several cranial trainings and other CE trainings. Gale's passion for sharing this work comes in part from her early experience of working in ways that injured her hands, but mostly because learning to honor and support the amazing ability of the body to organize its own healing process by her interaction with the fluid body, is a highly effective and valuable gift.
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