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GIS Developer

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The GIS Developer will report to the Network Operations Center within the W/B HIDTA and report to the GIS program manager and Architect of the ODMAP program and be responsible for the ODMAP technical applications. This position will upgrade software development and research solutions and modify procedures to complex problems considering computer equipment capacity and limitations, operating time, and form desired results. Programmer will conduct research for the purpose of designing, coding, testing, debugging documenting, and maintaining ODMAP. This position is contingent upon funding. Duties will include:

• Extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from various data sources (both internal and external) into our analytical warehouse. This involves the use of various scripting languages such as SQL, Python & Java (and others where appropriate
• Configuration of various analytical software that consumes our warehouse
• Fulfilling data requests from our Investigative Support Center (ISC)
• Creating reports using SQL Reporting Services
• Maintaining the database integrity of our Overdose Detection Mapping Application (ODMAP) map utility
• Supporting other applications that consume data warehouse & GIS services such as Case Explorer
• Maintaining the tuning, indexing and performance of our existing database infrastructure
• Maintaining and supporting the ESRI GIS platform

Ability to develop configure and manage ESRI GIS Platform
Ability to use Web APP Builder in ESRI GIS
Ability to write various scripts in Python/Java
Ability to create and manage databases within Microsoft SQL server
Ability to work as a team in an Agile framework
Ability to Interact with software development staff
Ability to appropriately apply W/B HIDTA Directives, as well as interpret and employ the Directives of the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

** Due to the nature of the work, the incumbent must possess the ability to obtain a Secret level government clearance.

** The incumbent must be available for all emergencies, at all times. Significant or special events may occur and may include crises or high-level investigations related to terrorism or criminal activities. Additionally, events such as a computer virus situation may require the knowledge and skills of the incumbent during hours other than normal work hours.


Baltimore/Washinton HIDTA
Jack Cibor, Mapping and Data Services Unit - Mana