Asset Strategy Manager – Support Facilities

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Asset Strategy Manager – Support Facilities

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Key Responsibilities:
• Manages Support Facility Asset Management implementation activities according to a work program determined by the Assets Management Section Manager
• Ensures outcomes of WSSC’s asset management program implementations meet the needs of strategic investment planning for the support facilities including the development of asset strategies and asset management plans
• Prepares technical and verbal reports regarding the performance of the support facility assets and tracks the effectiveness of asset management strategies in improving cost and service level performance
• Leads and coordinates staff responsible for the development of facility asset strategies and the development of the facility Asset Management Plans, and/or Utility Master Plan (UMP)
• Facilitates the update of condition assessment and business risk exposure scores and the identification of Level 2 and 3 condition assessment needs
• Validates failure criteria based on new input regarding levels of service or budget and validates the shape factor curves for probability of failure
• Reviews/revises maintenance strategies and facilitates the validation of existing and/or the development of new asset replacement costs and/or revise replacement costs as necessary
• Generates a list of “at risk” assets and identifies candidates for analysis utilizing the asset management modeling software
• Determines optimal renewal/rehabilitation/replacement cycles and budgetary requirements based on results from the asset management model output
• Facilitates the review of “at risk” assets and identifies which assets require immediate attention for risk reduction, which should be monitored, and which should be run-to-failure
• Assesses root cause of failures and tracks and monitors failure modes and rates, and develop decay curves where relevant
• Identifies risk reduction strategies and/or projects
• Determines funding requirements and help set budget priorities
• Determines/updates asset information CLR ratings and identify improvement tasks and budgets and document CLR information into business improvement plan chapter
• Determines training and other HR needs associated with the asset management plan
• Initiates the approval process for the asset management plan
• Coordinates with staff responsible for asset information and standards management to undertake quality assessment on asset management data and information, and determine and manage changes to asset technical standards

• BS degree in Business Administration, Architecture, Engineering, Public Administration, or related discipline
• 6+ years technical experience in water or wastewater and utility operations
• 3+ years’ experience managing projects
• Thorough knowledge of facility lifecycle management and facility cost structures (maintenance, operations, capital)
• Thorough knowledge of related codes and standards required to evaluate and define programming requirements and strategic facility forecasts
• Comprehensive knowledge of the principles and practices of asset management (as described by the EPA and the International Infrastructure Management manual)
• Working knowledge of the facility maintenance industry
• Detailed knowledge of facility maintenance core business processes
• Ability to prepare and effectively present highly technical and complex reports and estimates both verbally and in writing

Salary Range: $90,353- $137,928

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WSSC is one of the nation’s largest water and resource recovery utilities. Headquartered in Laurel, MD, we serve over 1.8 million commercial and residential customers in suburban Maryland. We are actively seeking an Asset Strategy Manager – Support Facilities to be responsible for the development and management of WSSC’s Support Facilities asset management plans and the coordination of the Production Team’s asset management committee operations. Specifically, the Asset Strategy Manger will coordinate facilities maintenance and operations staff activities by analyzing work order and asset performance data to provide input into the Asset Management Committee’s decision processes with respect to maintenance, capital and operational decisions.

Christina Robinson

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