Crime Analyst- Rock Hill, SC

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Crime Analyst- Rock Hill, SC

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Analyst position with Rock Hill, SC police department. 2nd analyst position working alongside another analyst with 17 years experience in profession, having been with the department since 2005.

Very much a position that you can be proactive and create your own analyst interests- variety of analytical functions. Ability to analyze any crime type, call type, arrest type, data type you want using various techniques. Focus on hot spot policing, RTM, DDACTS, focused deterrence, problem-oriented policing, intelligence-led policing, COMPSTAT, evidence-led policing.

Salary- $52,000, generally pay raises of 2-3% every year in my experience here for 14 years.

Essential Job Functions:
Collects, analyzes, disseminates, and evaluates crime data to discover developing patterns, trends, and changes in criminal activity.
Creates crime maps using Geographic Information Systems tools, showing the relationship between geography, crime, hotspots, and day/time trends.
Prepares statistical reports for the Police Department; extracts data for these reports from various tables in the records management system using SQL techniques.
Creates and prepares analytical products from ad hoc requests for patrol officers and detectives in the police department as well as for other city departments and citizens.
Prepares for COMPSTAT meetings by organizing meeting agenda, items discussed in the agenda, providing analysis for the meeting and leading the meeting.
Researches and prepares information related to tactical, strategic and administrative analysis using evidence-based police techniques to include hot spot policing, risk-terrain modeling, focused deterrence, problem-oriented policing and intelligence-led policing.
Searches multiple databases for information pertaining to cases involving suspects involved in criminal activity (open source, law enforcement sensitive databases).
Additional Duties:
Compiles information for Crime Analysis Annual Report.
Manages Police Department Citizen Crime Map on city website, updating the crime data monthly, manages content on city website police page.
Manages a website used by apartment managers, hotel managers and police employees to share information about crime incidents occurring at apartment and motel properties.

It is a grant funded position, but will be picked up after grant is over (100%)

Salary showing on website is the minimum range (49,566). My understanding, the salary we discussed 2 weeks ago is $52,000, no matter if you have 2 years or 22 years experience (is what it is).

About Rock Hill- growing city of 73,000; suburb of Charlotte. City is very parks and recreation friendly with numerous indoor and outdoor activities and locations.

Rock Hill police department- sworn around 160, total staff a little over 200. Around 60,000 citizen calls for service a year, about 1,000 reported incidents a month.

Job- you will be working with me, an analyst with 17 years of experience who is passionate about crime analysis, otherwise I wouldn’t be still in the profession. We do COMPSTAT, DDACTS, use GIS, hot spot policing, RTM, focused deterrence, problem oriented policing, intelligence-led policing and trying to do more evidence-led policing.

Software- the usual stuff- ArcGIS transitioning to PRO, Microsoft products, Zuercher (central square) is our RMS/CAD, looking to use PowerBI, QDA Miner, Crimestat, NodeXL and other softwares more with a second analyst. We also are getting Lumen with the grant money and some LPR’s. I’m also looking into being more involved in cell phone analysis in various ways.

I have put in for training next May to the IALEIA conference which this analyst position will be attending as well.

Any questions, reach out to me. I’ve been the only analyst EVER at our department (since 2005) and have been trying to get a 2nd position for years. It’s very important we get some applicants that would be a good fit.

Damien Williams


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52,000 a year