Public Safety Intelligence Analyst, Ohio DPS

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Public Safety Intelligence Analyst, Ohio DPS

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At the direction of the Public Safety Intelligence Manager on behalf of the Hub Commander or designee:

Create sophisticated &/or complex analytical products related to criminal & terrorist activity (e.g., reports, presentations, graphs, link charts, etc.); Formulate & implement plans, policies, & procedures in response to time sensitive threat information at the local, state, & national levels (e.g., policies & protocols for state & local governmental entities in homeland security, counterterrorism, & protection of critical infrastructure & resources in the State of Ohio) in order to: assess local implications of time-sensitive & emerging threat information; Disseminate time sensitive & emerging threat information (e.g., wanted persons, missing juveniles, drug tips, suspicious activity, etc.) to all law enforcement, homeland security partners & other related Public Safety entities; Gather locally generated information (e.g., suspicious activity reporting) based on time sensitive & emerging threats; Independently review & analyze problems related to sophisticated criminal &/or complex terrorism-related activity from agency personnel & other Intelligence units; Identify & analyze informational databases, maps, spreadsheets, reports, etc.; Prepare intelligence reports, products, & briefings for presentation to all public safety partners; Develop research tools, methods & requests to appropriately accommodate intelligence information & allowing information to be easily exchanged & understood; Assist in reviewing & recommending intelligence/analytical software & hardware equipment; Coordinate information & intelligence sharing with public safety agencies nationwide; Provide operational guidance to new partners & maintain partnerships with & facilitate exchange of information between federal, state & local law enforcement agencies for disposition of criminal activity &/or intelligence information; Utilize state vehicle to travel to various locations with required job related equipment (e.g., laptop, surveillance equipment, etc.) to research & analyze intelligence information to aid law enforcement & public safety agencies with tactical operations, investigations & the mitigation of public safety incidents.

Collect & analyze intelligence information & other resources to determine patterns, trends & movements of terrorists &/or professional criminals to aid law enforcement agencies with investigations (e.g., homicides, drug activity, gang activity, fraud, human trafficking, etc.); Coordinate research activities with other departmental units &/or outside agencies; Ensure compliance with applicable federal statutes & Ohio Revised Code (ORC).

Maintain common operating picture for the State of Ohio including overall threats, hazards, & response operations throughout the state & or nation as resources are deployed; Support information & intelligence gathering for DSAR & other situational awareness reports; Respond to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) Hub, State Fusion Center, or Emergency Operations Center during critical incidents; Support incident specific briefing to senior agency leadership & others as directed; Review correspondence, directives, & reports to ensure accuracy & completeness; Analyze trends that may indicate potential need for state involvement & asset deployment; Conduct special analytical studies to support the agency.

Serve as resource person & technical advisor (e.g., respond to requests for information; represent agency in meetings & trainings) in areas of homeland security, criminal intelligence, & public safety; Schedule, coordinate &/or conduct briefings, classes, seminars & conferences; Cross-train job duties with Homeland Security & Criminal Intelligence.

Assist with office-related tasks as they pertain to the functionality & operation of the unit; Represent the Hub at meetings & conferences; Perform other duties as assigned.

***Position also requires the ability to obtain and maintain a federal Secret level Security Clearance***

Completion of undergraduate core program in homeland security, political science, criminal justice, international affairs or related field; 12 mos. exp. in conducting research studies &/or problem solving using operational, mathematical, analytical &/or statistical research techniques & preparing reports, records &/or technical evaluations related to conducting research.

-Or 36 mos. exp. conducting research studies &/or problem solving using operational, mathematical, analytical &/or statistical research techniques & preparing reports, records &/or technical evaluations related to conducting research.

Major Worker Characteristics:

Knowledge of: Public Relations; *Agency Policies & Procedures (ODPS, OSHP, EMA, HLS & criminal response, etc.); *Government Process & Structure; Interviewing; Business (Business admin, Management science or Public Administration).

Skill in: Word Processing (Microsoft Office applications); Equipment Operations (general office equipment).

Ability to: Recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; Define problems, collect data, estb. facts & draw valid conclusions; Deal with many variables & determine specific action; Use statistical analysis (analytical &/or statistical research techniques use in problem solving & decision making); Read & record figures accurately; Maintain accurate records; Prepare meaningful, concise & accurate reports; Gather, collate & classify information according to estb. methods; Handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with officials & general public; Prepare & deliver speeches before specialized audiences & general public

(*)Developed after employment.

Work Hours: Rotating Shifts - 24 hours day

Supplemental Information:

If required, must obtain LEADS certification; must renew LEADS certification biannually. Additionally, positions at Department of Public Safety must be able to obtain & maintain secret level federal security clearance.

May require some travel. Working hours will include nights, weekends and holidays, based on operational need.

•This position may be filled by a layoff or certification eligibility list.

•This position is essential, meaning the duties this job performs are critical to the continued operations of the Ohio Dept. of Public Safety during a public safety emergency (OAC 123: 1-46-01 & DAS Directive HR-D-11). Whoever fills this position will be required to report for duty during any public safety emergency.

Background Check Information

•A BCI and FBI fingerprint check, a background check, including a polygraph examination, may be required on all selected applicants.
•A comparative analysis and/or drug-test may be a requirement of the hiring process.

Ohio Department of Public Safety - Ohio State Highway Patrol