Facilities Maintenance Worker

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Facilities Maintenance Worker

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SALARY: $16.45 - $23.04 Hourly
OPENING DATE: 09/26/19
CLOSING DATE: Continuous
Performs a variety of unskilled to semi-skilled duties related to maintenance of the District's facilities. Works under the direction of a supervisor.
(Any one position may not include all of the duties listed, nor do the listed examples include all of the tasks which may be found in positions of this class.)
Performs semi-skilled, unlicensed trades work on a regular basis in multiple trades areas including, carpentry, locksmith, glazing, masonry, minor mechanical maintenance, minor plumbing, air filter changes, painting preparation and painting.
Performs routine pickup and delivery of materials for the District. Performs computerized parts research and ordering through the CMMS system.
Performs manual labor such as high pressure hosing, sweeping, mopping, shoveling, heavy lifting (and team lifting) during equipment set up/removal, and materials handling.
Performs safety activities such as traffic control, hot work, respirator use, fall prevention and frequently performs work in confined spaces. Performs hand signals and rigging for crane and hoisting operations and equipment positioning. Erects scaffolding.
Maintains industrial facilities, wastewater treatment structures, conduits and equipment using hand tools, power tools, and powered equipment. Performs industrial cleaning on wastewater treatment structures and equipment such as process buildings, aeration basins, clarifiers, and in various containment tanks/vaults/digesters using chemicals and heavy duty cleaning equipment, large psi pressure washers, and fire pumps.
Services and cleans automotive vehicles, weed/lawn mowers, pressure washers, sprayers, and other equipment.
Performs grounds work, including repair of landscape damage; mixes and applies herbicides, adjusts, repairs and installs sprinkler system piping and valves up to 4-inch supply systems. Performs snow removal activities. Guides and directs Seasonal Laborers during summer grounds activities.
Performs office maintenance repair work such as replacing lamps, door maintenance/repair, toilet and sink removal/repair, ice machine maintenance/repair, minor plumbing and drain maintenance. Moves offices including the removal and installation of modular office furniture and computers.
Operates computers to receive work assignments/information and report work progress.
Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications
Must have appropriate and valid Colorado and federal licenses and certification required to operate vehicles and equipment. Demonstrated basic mechanical maintenance skills, ability to safely work alone and in groups with minimal supervision, follow verbal and written instructions. General knowledge of safety. Ability to read procedures, manuals, MSDS precautions, parts breakdowns and work order directions. Effective verbal and written communication skills. Ability to perform basic arithmetic calculations and use measurement devices. Basic computer operations. Graduation from high school or GED.

Desired Qualifications
Experience and/or training in equipment operation, mechanical work, electrical work, industrial facility/plant maintenance or water/wastewater treatment plant maintenance. Graduation from trade school.

Metro Wastewater Reclamation District
Patricia Lopez

6450 York Street

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