Crime Analyst II

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Crime Analyst II

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The purpose of this classification is to perform routine and specialized crime analysis and case intake work in support of the Prosecutor’s Office, other County departments, police, and other criminal justice agencies.


the more difficult, sensitive, or complex analytical assignments as required, such as using predicting or forecasting models associated with all types of crimes. Reviews and analyzes cell phone data, assists with cell phone mapping, and performs data mining of open source social media records. Proficient with mapping and analytical software. Has the ability to perform all the Crime Analyst I activities and functions.
technological infrastructure for the Crime Strategies Unit. tools or methods to identify trends, behaviors, and patterns related to cases in the Prosecutor’s Office. Works on cases directly wherever programming can speed up an investigation or bring in new insights. Possesses a working knowledge for writing code (e.g. Python, SQL script) to improve Unit efficiency. Assists in the actions necessary to manage the Office’s application and data systems (e.g. manage and clean crime data), Case Management System, and other computer systems (e.g. Security Camera Database) including facilitating training, utilization, and updating.
Develops and maintains effective working relationships of assigned staff and consultants (e.g. prioritizes, reviews, and effectively communicates with management and staff to review work requirements, status, and problems; assists staff with complex or problem situations; and responds to employee issues and concerns). Has responsibilities over training in all aspects and responsibilities of a crime analysis detail including the preparation and distribution of crime alerts, maps and intelligence information.

Coordinates work of Crime Analysts I, student interns, student shadows, consultants, etc.

Performs all other duties assigned, delegated or required of the Crime Analyst II as well as those prescribed by law.


Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, Public Policy, Criminology, or related field with three (3) years related experience including one (1) year as a Crime Analyst I; or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience.

Preferred proficiency with analytical software (e.g. ArcGIS, i2, CellHawk), working knowledge for writing code (e.g. Python, SQL script), and proficiency in Microsoft Office (e.g. Microsoft Word, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote)


Requires the ability to perform mid-level of data analysis including the ability to audit, deduce, assess, conclude and appraise. Requires discretion in determining and referencing such to established criteria to define consequences and develop alternatives.
Ability to comprehend a variety of informational documents including reports, agendas and other records for crime analysis capability.
Ability to comprehend a variety of reference books and manuals including federal laws, state laws, and Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual.
Ability to prepare correspondence, crime maps, strategic planning reports, crime analysis charts and graphs, and other job-related documents using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, dictation, and style.
Ability to counsel and advise police agencies and other County departments, to convince and influence others, to record and deliver information, to explain procedures, and to follow instructions.
Ability to use and interpret criminal justice and crime analysis terminology and language as well as summarize police/law enforcement reports.
Ability to communicate with interns, co-workers, supervisors, the public, attorneys, police officers, consultants, sales representatives, US Attorney’s Office.
Must possess qualities of fairness, a strong work ethic, have the highest integrity; and must also maintain the confidentiality of law enforcement and investigatory records and other confidential information;
Must be able to conduct business in accordance with federal statutes and guidelines, the Ohio Revised Code, and the Ohio Administrative Code.


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