Executive Director, IALEIA

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Executive Director, IALEIA

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The Executive Director represents IALEIA, interacting with law enforcement executives, national and international committees, and criminal intelligence entities. S/he has the authority, delegated from the IALEIA International Board, to negotiate IALEIA’s position and interests with various consortiums and groups. The Executive Director advises state government and organizational executives about decisions involving issues that relate to IALEIA program matters.

• Reports to the President regarding policy issues that may affect the organization
• Attends Board meetings
• Attends meetings, conferences, and events as IALEIA’s official representative when the appropriate Board member is unable to attend to ensure IALEIA’s professional representation and presence
• Manages International Board projects and oversees specific strategic plan items as assigned by the International Board
• Assists the Board, and specifically the Membership Director, with innovative membership initiatives and special membership drives
• Conceives of and oversees the writing and editing of special reports regarding the professionalization of the criminal intelligence analysis function
• Oversees IALEIA’s daily operations
• Assists the Treasurer with the financial aspects of IALEIA as needed. Makes recommendations to increase financial stability and sustainability of the organization
• Works with the Communications Director to draft updates, news items, and the IALEIA IntelScope
• Works with the IALEIA webmaster to ensure that the IALEIA web pages are current and useful
• Maintains and updates IALEIA publications/forms, forming committees and working groups as needed.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Reports weekly to the President of IALEIA. Attends regularly scheduled International Board conference calls and meetings, and reports on activities, plans, and strategies.


20% Strategic planning and outreach. Guided by our strategic plan, the Executive Director makes significant strides in moving our organization forward regarding international membership, resources, and buy-in by law enforcement and homeland security executives to IALEIA’s goals and objectives.

20% Administrative duties. The Executive Director manages the administrative aspects of IALEIA, and plans, organizes, manages, budgets, and reports to the Executive Board on IALEIA activities. The Executive Director works with the IALEIA webmaster/and maintains the IALEIA webpage. The Executive Director works with the IALEIA Secretary to arrange and coordinate Board meetings. The Executive Director also manages the financial aspects of the office where delegated by the Treasurer, using standard accounting software; and provides reports to the IALEIA Treasurer as requested.

15% Representation. The Executive Director represents IALEIA on national/international committees and advisory groups, and at meetings. The Executive Director delivers speeches and presentations to law enforcement authorities, business leaders and the private sector, governmental officials, and the public on behalf of IALEIA. The Executive Director maintains intelligence contacts and is a resource for the IALEIA Board in the application of the intelligence process and all related functions.

15% Publications and Resources. S/he writes and edits special reports regarding the professionalization of the criminal intelligence function develops newsletters, special reports, publications, bulletins, articles, and policy and procedures manuals for IALEIA. These special reports are used by law enforcement authorities and crime prevention specialists to allocate resources and for the IALEIA Executive Board to more effectively communicate with its membership.

15% Advisory duties. The Executive Director acts as a subject matter expert and advisor in the management and direction of intelligence programs for local, state, federal, and international law enforcement agencies, private entities that employ analysts, and regulatory agencies. This includes consulting with chief executive officers or command staff to advise on the “best practices” of criminal intelligence functions, including management of criminal intelligence units, staffing issues, and program expectations. The Executive Director must also have subject matter expertise in the management of intelligence in a variety of fields such as: gangs, drugs, financial crime, organized crime, criminal extremists, cybercrime, or terrorist-related matters.

15% Training and Curricula. At the direction of and in concert with the IALEIA Executive Board the Executive Director assists our Professional Training and Development Director with establishing, overseeing, and instructing at IALEIA sponsored workshops and training courses which may be offered in various locations throughout the world. The Executive Director may also coordinate or participate, on behalf of IALEIA, in focus group meetings to design the latest and most crucial training curricula.

• Twenty or more years in intelligence. At least ten years of experience of managing a medium or large-scale intelligence organization.
• Experience and interaction with international intelligence professionals and organizations.
• Understanding of the relationships between federal, state, local, regional, tribal, and private sector intelligence personnel and agencies.
• Previous experience with intelligence advocacy, partnerships, and collaborative intelligence efforts.
• A US Secret-level clearance, or the equivalent to US-Secret clearance, is preferred.
• Current IALEIA membership required.

The Executive Director is an “at will” employee, whose performance will be reviewed at six and twelve months; and yearly thereafter.

IALEIA is an equal opportunity employer. Appointment to this title will be based on qualifications as they relate to the position requirements, without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, age, creed, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected class.

Shelagh Dorn

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume or CV, and contact information for three references to President@ialeia.org.



$35,000-45,000 (30 hrs/wk)