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Digital Forensics Analyst

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The City of Oceanside is currently accepting applications for current and future vacancies for the position of Digital Forensics Analyst. This position will be assigned to the Oceanside Police Department and must pass a thorough police background investigation. Under general supervision, a Digital Forensics Analyst performs highly specialized physical evidence examinations related to computer and digital forensics, video and surveillance system analysis, note taking, report writing and courtroom testimony; and conducts digital forensic activities to uncover digital data, examine the information and preserve the information for evidence and performs other related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:
The principles, methods, materials, equipment, and techniques of digital forensic criminalistics.
Crime scene procedures.
Current developments, literature and sources of information in the field of criminalistics.
Applicable state and federal statutes and case law pertaining to the seizure of digital evidence and the use of physical evidence in court.
The rules of criminal procedures concerning time limits, discovery, evidence, and expert witnesses.
Research methods and techniques.
Modern office equipment, software and hardware; applications for word processing, spreadsheets, and data bases.

Ability to:
Use specialized digital forensic laboratory equipment and software and in demonstrating procedures and examinations to others.
Understand and follow verbal and written instructions.
Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the performance of duties, the general public and outside agencies.
Maintain accurate records, prepare clear and concise reports, and communicate effectively both orally and in writing.
Withstand intense examination in court as an expert on the laboratory analysis evidence.
Make accurate observations and records of test results.

Preferred Experience: Three years of experience in digital/computer forensics within a law enforcement agency or private organization.

Training: A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in digital forensics or computer science or a closely related field.

Apply at:

Oceanside Police Department
City of Oceanside

300 North Coast Highway, City Hall South
Oceanside, California, 92054

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$66,996.00 - $89,772.00