Criminal Intelligence Analyst I, IL State Police

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Criminal Intelligence Analyst I, IL State Police

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Description of Duties/Essential Functions
Under direct supervision, performs selected criminal intelligence casework at a developmental level fro the Division of Internal Investigations (DII). Performs a variety of criminal intelligence analytical reporting and charting techniques as assigned and reviewed by higher level analyst or supervisor. Prepares and documents investigative recommendations and reports of analyses. Testifies in court and travels statewide in the performance of these duties.

Minimum Requirements
Requires knowledge, skill, and mental development equivalent to the completion of four years of college with course work in philosophy, behavioral sciences, and law enforcement, or a related field. Requires one year of professional criminal investigative experience or completion of an agency approved training program. Requires working knowledge of law enforcement procedures. Requires working knowledge of drafting, graphic, and criminal intelligence analytical charting methods. Requires working knowledge of major criminal case organization and filing methods. Requires working knowledge of computers as utilized in criminal investigation analysis. Requires elementary knowledge of the agency computer system. Requires elementary knowledge of state, federal, and local criminal laws and regulations as they relate to the criminal investigative process. Requires the ability to establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with coworkers, law enforcement personnel and legal system personnel. Requires ability to analyze, compare, and/or identify information and interpret its significance as factual evidence for criminal prosecution. Requires ability to communicate clearly, concisely and logically, both orally and in writing. Requires ability to construct court exhibits and criminal intelligence charts. Requires ability to testify in court as an expert witness with proper courtroom demeanor. Requires a valid, appropriate driver's license and the ability to travel statewide.

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