Plant Operator D or C License
Title:Plant Operator D or C License
Post Date:05/03/17
Location:Lafayette, CO
Details:Participates in the operation, maintenance and monitoring of a wastewater system.

Essential Functions:
•Operate, regulate and maintain a wastewater system, collection, laboratory work, equipment operation, equipment maintenance, heavy equipment operation and system maintenance and repair as applicable.
•Collect wastewater samples from various points in the system; perform laboratory tests; inspect and maintain equipment; lubricate operating equipment and make necessary adjustments.
•Read and record gauge and flow meter charts, change charts.
•Prepare sludge beds, draw sludge, clean clarifier weirs and troughs; perform back washing of filters as necessary; perform pipe fitting such as threading, flanged, welded, sweated and mechanical connecting.
•Perform sampling and inspections in support of the City's industrial pretreatment program, including manhole sampling in the collection system and grease interceptor inspections.
•Perform sampling and inspections in support of the City's MS4 stormwater program, including stream sampling at various locations in the watershed.
•Operate a variety of equipment, various hand tools, and laboratory equipment.
•Perform inspections of various elements of system as required; C License may assist in the training of new employees.
•May be responsible for maintaining plant records and compiling reports to regulatory agencies, as necessary.
•Perform related work as required and assigned.
•May assist in the performance of custodial and grounds maintenance duties such as sweeping, mopping, painting, carpentry, composting duties and plumbing; may lead plant tours for visitors.
KNOWLEDGE: Standard principles of biology, chemistry and mathematics; overall operation of a wastewater system; regulations concerning treatment plant operation; safety precautions relating to work around machinery and laboratory chemicals; laboratory procedures and tests performed in monitoring treatment plants and collection systems and maintenance procedures of treatment plant equipment and peripheral elements of system; construction methods used in installing pipes, valves, pumps and meters. The degree of knowledge expected increases as the Position Levels increase from D to C.
SKILL: Demonstrated skill in the operation of equipment necessary to perform the functions of the job.
ABILITY: Perform heavy manual repair work of the system with the use of heavy equipment; maintain a constant vigil over assigned instruments and equipment; make mathematical computations; work outdoors in all weather conditions; follow verbal and written instructions; work around disagreeable odors; coordinate, train and direct others as position level prescribes; keep accurate and legible records; exercise some independent judgment in correcting problems; establish and maintain effective working relationships with supervisors, other employees and the general public. Ability to work independently and individually is required in Level B.
TRAINING: High School Diploma or equivalent
Level D: No specific requirement
Level C: Two years of wastewater operation experience.

Comments: Special Requirements:
All levels must have: State of Colorado Drivers License with a safe driving record.
Plus, State of Colorado:•Level D:Water Treatment or Wastewater Treatment Operator's Certification Class D.
•Level C:Water Treatment or Wastewater Treatment Operator's Certification Class C.

Employer:City of Lafayette
Contact:Penny Ford
1290 S Public Rd
Lafayette, CO 80026
Phone: 303 661 1250
Fax: 303 604 0834
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