Wastewater Treatment Plant ORC
Title:Wastewater Treatment Plant ORC
Post Date:05/15/17
Location:Wellington, CO
Details:SUMMARY: Performs technical and supervisory work planning, organizing and directing the operations, maintenance, and laboratory analysis at the Town of Wellington wastewater treatment plant.

•Monitors treatment process and makes necessary adjustments as indicated by current conditions.
•Monitors performance of machinery and equipment used to control the treatment process; makes process control decisions.
•Inspects valves, pumps, gauges and other plant or lift station equipment on a regular basis.
•Prepares inspection sheets, logs, and flow charts; prepares daily reports of analysis and test results for laboratory and regulatory agencies; maintains records; enters data to computer.
•Tends influent pumps, blowers, feed pumps, dry and wet chemical feeders, aerators, telescopic settings, wet well, and other equipment used to decontaminate wastewater; reads and records effluent flow meter.
•Inspects and cleans filters, tanks, clarifier weirs, and bar screens.
•Changes out chlorine and sulfur dioxide cylinders for chlorinating/dechlorinating units.
•Collects samples and completes chemical tests/analysis such as biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, biomonitoring, and pH of in-process treatment of water/wastewater; Calculates chemical dosages and adds chemicals to maintain proper pH in aeration basin.
•Determines and performs sludge wasting from aeration basin and aerobic digester.
•Operates belt press as directed.
•Conduct periodic checks of plant operational equipment.
•Performs preventive and corrective maintenance on equipment; assists in repair of equipment, including lift stations.
•Required EPA reporting through Net DMR
•Maintains sludge drying beds.
•Performs routine cleaning of equipment, grounds, and work areas.
•Performs housekeeping and grounds maintenance duties; maintains the sprinkler system.
•Performs routine electrical work.
•Performs routine and preventative maintenance and repairs on all wastewater treatment equipment and lift stations
•Performs routine welding, cutting and fabrication as needed.
•Ensures proper operation and routine maintenance of sewage pumping stations.
•Operates backhoe to load trucks with solid waste; operates dump truck to haul sludge to disposal areas.
•On call after hours and on weekends to respond to emergencies.
•Supervision, training and evaluation of operators
•Performs other duties as assigned.
•Possession of a State of Colorado Class “B” Wastewater Operators License
•3 years’ experience in wastewater plant operation and maintenance
•Supervisory experience
•High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) equivalency
•Valid Colorado Driver’s License

•State of Colorado Class “A” Wastewater Operators License
•State of Colorado Class “B” Water Operators License
•Valid CDL Driver’s license
Employer:Town of Wellington
Contact:Ryan Abbott
3735 Cleveland Ave.
Phone: 970-568-3381
Email: abbottrd@wellingtoncolorado.gov
Website:visit our website...