Water Treatment Plant ORC
Title:Water Treatment Plant ORC
Post Date:05/15/17
Location:Wellington, CO
Details:SUMMARY: Performs technical and supervisory work planning, organizing and directing the operations, maintenance, and laboratory analysis at the Town of Wellington water treatment plant.

•Operates the water/wastewater treatment plants including related subsystems and instrumentation.
•Monitors the treatment process from the control board/computer screen; monitors various treatment processes including coagulant feed, rapid mix, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection; monitors the addition of chemicals added for corrosion control and dental caries prevention.
•Monitors water quality by performing laboratory tests at various stages in the treatment process including tests for chlorine residual, fluoride residual, chlorite residual, pH, turbidity, hardness, alkalinity, odors, and other tests as necessary to maintain water quality; calibrates laboratory equipment; maintains laboratory records.
•Determines chemical dosage and makes adjustments to plant processes as necessary including for aluminum sulfate, chlorine, zinc orthophosphate, potassium permanganate, caustic soda, powdered activated carbon, and other chemicals.
•Reads gauges and meters; interprets data to maintain the proper treatment process, proper distribution operation, security, and alarm status; makes flow adjustments.
•Operates pumps and valves utilizing a SCADA system; operates power plant utilizing computer interface; monitors systems for alarms, make adjustments, and provides appropriate response; notifies water stand-by or other personnel as necessary to respond to problems.
•Operates mechanical equipment including pumps and motors, chemical feed pumps and systems, air compressors, and manual, electrical, and pneumatically operated valves; operates hand and power tools; operates a light truck.
•Operates chlorination equipment related to the chlorine and chlorine dioxide feed system; performs maintenance on chlorine system including chemical piping system; participates in calibration of chemical feed equipment.
•Orders chemicals; takes delivery of bulk chemicals.
•Maintains operational logs and records.
•Makes visual inspections; monitors facilities and roads to insure adequate security.
•Performs preventative and predictive maintenance on treatment plant equipment; assists specialized trades personnel in making major and/or specialized repairs to equipment; coordinates work of contractors and of other departments.
•Operates the Town’s water distribution system including reservoirs and pump stations; ensures adequate availability and pressure to all service connections;
•Provides appropriate response to emergencies and spills including those involving hazardous materials; wears respirators including self-contained breathing apparatus as required.
•Responds to inquiries from vendors, suppliers, and public; answers questions from customers pertaining to water quality, low pressure, and leak reports.
•On call after hours and on weekends to respond to emergencies.
•Supervision, training and evaluation of operators
•Performs related duties as required.
•Possession of a State of Colorado Class “A” Water Operators License
•4 years’ experience in water plant operation and maintenance
•Supervisory experience
•High School Diploma or General Education Degree (GED) equivalency
•Valid Colorado Driver’s License

•Valid CDL Driver’s license
•State of Colorado Class “D” Wastewater Operators License
Employer:Town of Wellington
Contact:Ryan Abbott
3735 Cleveland Ave.
Phone: 970-568-3381
Email: abbottrd@wellingtoncolorado.gov
Website:visit our website...