Regional Wildlife Crime Analyst
Title:Regional Wildlife Crime Analyst
Post Date:10/03/17
Location:Hanoi, Viet Nam or Bangkok, Thailand
Details:Scope of work:
The Regional Wildlife Crime Analyst will provide analysis of wildlife trafficking cases to identify patterns and emerging trends aiding investigative efforts of WCS CWT programs in Asia and our government counterparts with a view to identifying wildlife trafficking syndicates and producing high-quality intelligence products with recommendations to WCS CWT leadership and partnering law enforcement agencies for consideration of enforcement and capacity building initiatives.

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Conduct regional intelligence analysis and produce tactical intelligence reports in a timely manner to support and guide investigations by WCS and government counterparts;
• Using analytical tools, identify central wildlife trafficking syndicates and individuals and their associated gangs and front companies as well as their trafficking modus operandi, routes and means of transportation;
• Publish analytical products for WCS CWT leadership and provide informational briefings outlining findings and recommendations to guide WCS strategies and interventions to combat wildlife trafficking;
• Oversee the deployment of the WCS Global Wildlife Crime Intelligence platform in Asia ensuring system security, support country deployments, dealing with service providers; and in collaboration with the Office of Strategic Technology managing the centralized i2 infrastructure;
• Strengthen capacity of WCS analysts on core skills and new analytical methods/tools;
• Support the strategic development of, and the management of risks in relation to CWT technology services;
• Support WCS programs to empower and build support in national government for CWT intelligence-led approaches;
• Provide inputs to assist fund-raising efforts for WCS’s programs on wildlife trafficking in Asia, identifying and enhancing support from existing and new sources, assisting in development of proposals and reports, building relationships with funders; and
• Summarize work efforts, meetings, project statuses, and accomplishments in the form of monthly activity reports.
Qualifications:Required skills and experience

• Professional and/or academic experience and an interest in researching wildlife trafficking, transnational organized crimes, or serious crimes;
• Demonstrated ability to collect, evaluate and analyze raw and processed information and intelligence, and a familiarity with link analysis process, and measuring centrality;
• Ability to communicate effectively with others, both orally and in writing, in working out solutions to problems or questions related to the work, writing clear and concise intelligence products, and delivering written and verbal presentations
• Familiarity with analytic software and presentation tools such as iBase, Analyst Notebook, Maltego, SNAPD, Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe suite products. Knowledge of these programs shall extend beyond that of data entry.
• English language proficiency required, competency in an additional Asian language preferred
WCS works to address wildlife crime in source, transit, and consumer countries across the globe, focusing on Latin America, Africa, and Asia. WCS recognizes that regional and local issues differ from place to place and with over 100 years of wildlife conservation experience throughout the world, WCS’s long-term commitments, strong partnerships, and extensive knowledge of local context in the places where we work make us uniquely placed to deliver tangible on-the-ground results. In Asia, we have focused our counter wildlife trafficking work in key countries (e.g. China, Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and localities along major trans-continental and sub-regional wildlife trafficking supply chains. WCS’s approach is centered on increasing the risk of conviction for a wildlife criminal. Broadly, we achieve this by strengthening the commitment and capacity of key government agencies through a close partnership. WCS generates a significant amount of information on wildlife crimes from the site level through to consumer markets. This information is managed in a global intelligence database powered by i2 software. National analysts in key programs are inputting data and producing actionable intelligence products for our government counterparts to catalyze action and promote intelligence-led policing approaches. Our efforts to date have resulted in enhanced enforcement effectiveness and the successful arrest, prosecution, and conviction of targeted wildlife criminals along the trade chains. In doing so, WCS and partners degrade, disrupt, and dismantle wildlife trafficking networks and reduce poaching pressure on wildlife populations in priority landscapes.
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