Intelligence Analyst, Police
Title:Intelligence Analyst, Police
Post Date:11/09/17
Location:Hampton, VA
Responsible for researching, collecting, collating, evaluating, analyzing, and disseminating intelligence information on criminal activity involving organized crime, drug trafficking, money laundering, gambling, prostitution, gangs, terrorist groups, civil disorders, public corruption, and related activities.

Examples of Duties
*Reviews police and intelligence reports taken on a daily basis and a variety of other resources such as the Internet, law enforcement databases, financial records, seized documentary evidence, telephone toll/billing records, cellular-site tracking data, and wiretapping data for the purpose of maintaining up-to-date records of crimes, criminals, and criminal and terrorist organizations tracked by the Intelligence Unit.

*Researches, evaluates, and analyzes criminal and intelligence data by computer using software applications such as ArcView, Microsoft Professional Office Suite, CrimeNtel, i2 Analyst's Notebook, to identify individuals in a conspiracy, understand the hierarchical structure of criminal organizations, determine the flow of currency/narcotics, and the chronological sequence of events impacting crime in Hampton and make linkages where applicable.

*Creates and maintains up-to-date computer databases and files on the crimes, criminals, and criminal and terrorist organizations tracked by the Intelligence Unit; enters, modifies, updates, and retrieves data in both LAN-based and mainframe computer applications; uploads documents and files for inclusion in an electronic file system; monitors data in databases to ensure compliance with established procedures and applicable regulations and laws.

*Compiles and analyzes criminal and intelligence data according to location, time, special characteristics, and other distinguishing features to locate and identify patterns and trends of crimes, criminals, and criminal and terrorist organizations tracked by the Intelligence Unit. Performs necessary research regarding criminal and intelligence data analysis to further assist the department in solving the occurrence and/or preventing future crimes tracked by the Intelligence Unit.

*Establishes criminal profiles on career and violent criminals that include prior crimes, criminal relationships, and financial background information to aid in making connections between members and criminal organizations.

*Prepares and maintains comprehensive and detailed written reports, summaries, statistical reports, analytical charts, graphs, and maps of classified and unclassified information for appropriate department personnel in accordance with training, laws, policies and procedures.

*Prepares and/or assists in the preparation of threat and vulnerability assessments and make recommendations as appropriate.

*Attends meetings and maintains liaison with other local, state, and federal intelligence analyst professionals; attends investigative and patrol lineups as needed to facilitate information flow.

*Stays abreast of current applicable laws and data processing advancements and trends including hardware and software used in the area of intelligence collection, collation, evaluation, analysis, and dissemination.

*Prepares standard operating procedures, policies, and technical guidelines for effective integration of the intelligence system in the Crime Analysis Unit and within the department to meet specific data, management, administrative, and legal needs and requirements.

*Any other duties as assigned.

Supplemental Information
Performs duties under the limited supervision of a Crime Analysis Supervisor. Requires considerable independence and initiative. Makes judgments and recommendations for use by personnel to combat crime problems. Extensive contact with various law enforcement officials and agencies, the public, and city departments, which will require public speaking. This is an exempt position.
Qualifications:Typical Qualifications

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree. Preferred fields of study include Criminal Justice, Social Science, Liberal Arts, Public Administration or related field. Minimum of one (1) year experience in gathering, computing and analyzing information/data required. Minimum of one (1) year experience with research methods and statistical analysis required. Knowledge of criminal intelligence analysis techniques to include the components of the intelligence process, development and assessment of inferences, and charting of intelligence information. Knowledge of various computer hardware and software programs to include various law enforcement programs, statistical application programs, spreadsheets, relational databases, mapping and analytical programs required. Knowledge of Internet research techniques and various commercial databases such as LexisNexis, Choice Point, and TLO preferred. Knowledge of law enforcement, the criminal justice system, police department organizational structure, goals, objectives, and procedures. Knowledge of highly-specialized case management, intelligence, and charting computer software such as CrimeNtel, i2 Analyst's Notebook. Ability to work with minimal direction; ability to use personal computers and software applications such as Arc View & CrimeNtel; ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing; ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others. Must successfully complete a Police Division background investigation to include a polygraph examination.

Persons offered employment in this position must successfully complete pre-employment drug and alcohol testing. Any combination of appropriate education and criminal justice experience that qualifies an applicant for this position may be substituted for the more specific qualifications listed above.
$37,653.00 - $64,009.00 Annually
Employer:City of Hampton
Contact:22 Lincoln Street
Hampton, Virginia, 23669
Phone: (757) 727-6407
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