Intelligence Analyst, Utah SIAC
Title:Intelligence Analyst, Utah SIAC
Post Date:11/13/17
Location:Salt Lake County, Utah
Details:This Intelligence Analyst will be assigned to the Operation Rio Grande (ORG) project.

This position serves as an all-source intelligence analyst for the Utah Statewide Information (SIAC), Utah's fusion center, focused in an assigned subject/operational area (i.e. case support, watch and warning, drug trafficking, gangs, etc.). The position accesses and analyzes information gathered from databases and shared by local, state, federal law enforcement and private sector partners. Information gathered is used to acquire subject matter expertise, support cases and operations, and develop finished intelligence reports; that are provided to federal, state, and local public safety entities and other partners.

This position produces high-quality intelligence reports, presentations, recommendations, and findings for senior law enforcement, intelligence, and other officials. This position establishes good working relationships with partners to support the information sharing and analysis process. This position will be involved in supporting operational objectives and providing case support in the form of database checks, identifying criminals, providing link/timeline and other appropriate analysis.

General Duties:
As an Intelligence Analyst, you will:
focus in an assigned subject area (Operation Rio Grande)
access and analyze information gathered from databases and shared by local, state, tribal, and federal law enforcement and private sector partners
develop finished intelligence reports that are provided to federal, state, and local public safety entities and other partners
Monitor and review threat intelligence
Attend and participate in collaborative meetings and work with relevant task forces to provide technical assistance and foster partnerships
Give intelligence briefs, trainings, and presentations
Plan and manage all aspects of various projects related law enforcement and intelligence
Conduct and coordinate outreach for various liaison programs
Coordinate intelligence and information collection, analysis, and dissemination with law enforcement agencies and other partners
Prepare and provide link, toll, timeline, association and other types of analysis
Search, retrieve and/or research public and private records for criminal cases; in
accordance with applicable state and federal laws governing access to these records.

Ideal Candidate
The ideal candidate will:
understand research methods, techniques, and/or sources of information
organize information in a clear and concise manner
speak clearly, concisely and effectively; listen to, and understand, information and ideas as presented verbally
compile, code, categorize, calculate, tabulate, audit, verify, or process information or data
use automated software applications, agency, and internal programs
use critical thinking and analytic trade craft to gather and produce intelligence,
support criminal investigations, and identify threats to Utah and its citizens
possess strong project management skills and experience
qualifications or experience found in position(s)/area(s) or fields, such as; intelligence analyst, law, and other analytic fields are preferred and are typically representative of the qualifications needed for this position.

The Agency:

The Utah Statewide Information & Analysis Center (SIAC) is a key piece of the overall mission to the Department of Public Safety. It is a public safety partnership designed to collect, analyze, and disseminate intelligence to protect Utahns.
For more information on the Utah SIAC or the Department of Public Safety, please click this link:

This TL position may convert to a schedule B later without further recruitment.
Qualifications:Preference may be given to:

applicants with a college degree in a related field and/or experience
applicants who already possess a FBI/DHS secret/top secret clearance
current employees of the Utah Department of Public Safety
Comments:Salary: $15.95 - $29.75 Hourly
Employer:Utah Department of Public Safety
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