Police Crime and Traffic Analyst
Title:Police Crime and Traffic Analyst
Post Date:11/27/17
Location:Leesburg, VA
The Police Crime and Traffic Analyst will provide the Police Department ready and accurate access to statistical data through the process of investigative analysis conducted by a certified crime analyst. This position will review information from various sources (police reports, databases, open sources, etc.) and analyze for trends, links and patterns. The crime analyst will be able to use link analysis, maps, timelines, virtual pin maps and/or flowcharts to highlight criminal activities and movement for complex cases, and identify crime trends with a recommended response. The crime analyst will also be able to establish criminal identifiers on targets or addresses that include biographical and location-specific (time, space and place) information and intelligence, prior criminal offenses, officer safety concerns and pertinent historical information that will assist in the furtherance of criminal investigations. The crime analyst will conduct background research on criminals or suspected criminals under investigation through law enforcement computer databases and open-source Internet access or social media outlets. The crime analyst will report to the Administration and Support Services Lieutenant or his/her designee. The crime analyst's performance and work will be evaluated through effective analysis, written reports and obtained results.

Works directly with administrative and investigative staff to develop and implement policies and strategies related to internal and external criminal analysis processes.
Maintains liaison with CIS, detectives, Command Staff, patrol personnel and IT/ECC.
Responds to requests from personnel outside the agency (federal, state or local LE agencies) in a timely manner.
Uses link analysis, maps, timelines, virtual pin maps and/or flowcharts to highlight criminal actives and movement for complex cases and organizations.
Monitors the daily investigations/actions of the Police Department to identify criminal activity trends and develop information and intelligence.
Attends department/division meetings as required and meet with detectives about ongoing cases and needs.
Prepares and distributes informational and intelligence bulletins to include emerging drug trends, gang activity and criminal organizational structure.
Reviews crash reports, summons issued and selective enforcement efforts.
Creates a summary of traffic and crash activity and distribute to department and Town personnel, Council members and accreditation.
Attends meetings with the PD Traffic Management Unit (TMU), Standing Residential Traffic Committee (SRTC) and as needed meetings with Town and County staff.
Provides knowledge and input as it relates to road and highway safety.
Prepares and presents training aimed to educate the agency about the resources and abilities analysts have obtained.
Demonstrates superior seamless customer service, integrity, and commitment to innovation, efficiency, and fiscally responsible activity.
Provides effective liaison efforts with the Police and the Town of Leesburg Public Information Officer.
Coordinates with the Police IT Specialist ensuring the upkeep and continuity of criminal and traffic analysis databases.
Attends local training and conferences that may be available in the regional area to increase skill set and expertise in analytics.
Maintains regular and reliable attendance.
Performs other duties as assigned.

Work is performed under the general supervision of a Lieutenant. Work assignments and instructions are received in general terms from a Lieutenant or superior office who reviews work methods and results through reports, observations and discussions.

The work requires contact with the public, local, state and federal law enforcement agencies and other employees of the Town.


Criminal investigative and research techniques used to support investigations.
Principles, techniques and objectives of criminal analysis.
Laws pertaining to the release of criminal justice information.
Police Department policies, procedure and training.
Acquire and maintain competence and effectiveness in use of computer applications, including Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), LERMS, Automated Tactical Analysis (ATAC), geographical interface systems (i.e., Google Earth, Weblogics,), Microsoft Office applications, and other regional applications.
Analyze statistical data and draw sound conclusions.
Extract pertinent information from law enforcement reports.
Communicate in the English language by phone or in person in a group or one-to-one setting, with clearly organized thoughts.
Communicate clearly and concisely, orally and in writing with law enforcement personnel and the public.
Work cooperatively with the general public and other Town employees.
Comprehend and make inferences from material written in English.
Produce written documents with clearly organized thoughts using proper sentence construction, punctuation and grammar.
Analyze and evaluate the feasibility, suitability, and ramifications of public policies and strategies.
Work safely without presenting a direct threat to self or others.

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor's Degree in research, criminal justice, public administration, law enforcement or related field, and at least two years' experience in a related field. Must possess a valid Virginia Driver's License at time of appointment and maintain a satisfactory driving record. Failure to possess or maintain the valid required license shall result in discipline up to and including termination of employment.
Appointments to positions in the Police Department are subject to meeting established polygraph and background standards.
Position requires the use of personal or Town vehicles on Town business. Individuals must be physically capable of operating the vehicles safely.
Position requires the performance of other essential and marginal functions depending upon work location, assignment, or shift.
Master's Degree in Analytics and/or Criminal Justice.
Bilingual in English/Spanish.
Certification in Crime and Intelligence Analysis.
VCIN/NCIC Certification.
Prior law enforcement and/or Crime Analysis experience.
A combination of education and experience equivalent to Bachelor's Degree in a police related field with experience in law enforcement and 5 years of directly related experience in marketing or public relations.
Comments:SALARY RANGE: $58,911 - $98,878 Annually
Employer:Leesburg (VA) Police
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