Intelligence Analyst, Assessments and Monitoring Unit (AMU)
Title:Intelligence Analyst, Assessments and Monitoring Unit (AMU)
Post Date:12/19/17
Location:Dunn Loring, Virginia
Details:The Assessments & Monitoring Unit (AMU) Intelligence Analyst (IA) is responsible for conducting in-depth terrorism / counterterrorism analyses of participant nations (PN) to evaluate and provide the guidance with the view to assist in the development of appropriate training and assistance programs for identified countries. The incumbent: conducts in-depth research of a target country; assists in the preparation and development of country-specific mission concepts for each visit; assists in the preparation of comprehensive and detailed written program analyses and evaluations, as required; and consults and liaises with the national Intelligence Community (IC) to ensure that ATA and AMU operate with the greatest level practical of situational and operational awareness.


Develops and consults with professional network of terrorism specialists in the Intelligence Community to identify and document US vital interests in Partner Nations (PN), the nature and degree of terrorist threat to those interests, and the PN’s specific AT / CT vulnerabilities;
Assists Program Managers in matching ATA program objectives with national-level policy guidance;
Attends and participates in working-level interagency coordination/strategy meetings;
In concert with CT, performs Opportunity Analyses to determine the likelihood of success in potential program actions in response to CT-provided strategic goals;
Reviews daily intelligence reporting and open source material on international terrorism developments; maintains current information on strategic international terrorism issues, and prominent groups and incidents;
Based on intelligence community discussions and independent research and analysis, completes threat assessments as requested on designated countries that describe the terrorist threat to the PN; this will consist of assigning specific threat assessment rankings to various selected areas of vulnerability in each country, using a multi-level numerical matrix developed by the Assessments and Monitoring Unit; these threat assessments will be subject to continuing review and change as conditions warrant;
Provides to ATA program teams pre-deployment situation and threat briefings; prepares and presents threat-based informational briefings to ATA management, other USG agencies and PN governments.
Qualifications:Must be a US citizen and possess a TS/SCI clearance;
BS or BA degree and 10 years of experience as an intelligence analyst or intelligence operations officer are required; an MS or MA degree is preferred; an ability to sift through large amounts of information daily to choose the reliable useful datum is a must; excellent analytical and writing skills are a necessity to include demonstrable knowledge of standard all source analysis writing and presentation tradecraft;
Must possess superior interpersonal and cross-cultural skills to interact with senior US and foreign government officials; exchanges or conveys information in a foreign-language environment; assigns, coordinates and monitors the work of others; and interacts with coworkers, supervisors, colleagues from other US and PN agencies, and the general public both in the US and abroad;
Must be able to work under ever-changing and unpredictable conditions on a day-to-day basis, and be able to lead and manage others under those same circumstances;
Experience in Antiterrorism / Counterterrorism analysis, planning and / or operations is preferred, but not mandatory; knowledge of international terrorism is desired; substantive knowledge of current world events to put international terrorism developments into their proper context is essential;
Must be willing to travel internationally to conduct official visits and able to work in developing countries under austere conditions for short periods of time; must have no permanent or recurring health concerns that preclude working for periods of up to 15 days in regions with minimal to non-existent emergency services or health-care infrastructure; must be able to travel as a passenger in fixed-wing propeller aircraft, helicopters and tactical vehicles;
Experience in or professional study of national security studies, national security strategies or international relations is preferred, but not mandatory;
Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite applications.
Comments:Miracle Systems was recently awarded a support contract with the Department of State, Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (DS/ATA).

We are looking for one (1) qualified candidate to assume the roles of Assessments and Monitoring Unit (AMU) Intelligence Analyst in Dunn Loring, Virginia. The position needs to be filled immediately.
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