Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Cobb County PD

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Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Cobb County PD

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Collects crime reports data, arrest data, field interview card data, intelligence reports, and other crime related data to forecast crime patterns: conducts routine analysis of crime patterns, series, and trends using chronological and geographic measures and statistical methods.

Collects, collates, analyzes, and presents detailed crime statistical reports: generates reports of crime trends and patterns; creates and distributes reports as requested; creates and makes presentations to County management and administrators, elected officials, citizen groups, and others.

Inputs, accesses, and queries data in various County, state and federal computer systems, including Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Police Record Systems, Georgia and National Crime Information Center databases, and other systems: conducts routine analysis of data sets and databases; performs mapping functions and produces computer generated maps displaying crime activity geographically and temporally; updates and maintains GIS data pertaining to crime analysis; performs routine conversions of data sets from other formats; and queries databases for various analytical information.

Provides crime analysis data, and acts as liaison, to department personnel and other agencies: provides current and useful information to aid in meeting tactical crime control and prevention objectives; identifies and analyzes methods of operation of individual criminals; provides crime pattern recognition and analysis of data from field interrogations and arrests.

Researches, compiles, and reports information in support of traffic control and criminal investigations: compiles routine background and history information to assist investigators; and responds to ad hoc requests from command staff and other units of the department for meetings and briefings.

Creates and maintains computer databases, spreadsheets, word processing, maps and charts: digitizes hardcopy materials and information; analyzes computer outputs for completeness and accuracy; makes necessary corrections or updates; creates and produces various maps, charts, graphs, or other collateral materials; and provides digitized/hard-copy products to the public.

Trains departmental staff in the development and maintenance of analytical systems and data collection; identifies information gaps and future collection requirements; and makes appropriate recommendations to streamline data collection processes.

Attends training and studies current literature on research methodology, police issues, and current law enforcement technology, while making appropriate recommendations for improvements in crime analysis/intelligence analysis practices.

Assists in the design, testing and/or maintenance of operational databases, analytical software, hardware and peripheral equipment to enhance the quality of work product, improve productivity, and ensure equipment is functioning properly.

If assigned to the Sheriff’s Office: Functions as field office command center during large scale operations/search warrants in order to provide a continuous communication link with agents, other agencies, databases and related resources. Performs other related duties as