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Green Infrastructure Research Engineer

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A Green Infrastructure Research Engineer position is available in the Sustainable Water Resource Engineering (SWRE) Laboratory at Drexel University's Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering

Essential Functions:
With many governmental and non-governmental partners, the Sustainable Water Resource Engineering (SWRE) Laboratory at Drexel University's Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering ( evaluates the performance of green infrastructure (GI) systems in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Our work focuses on constructed wetlands, green roofs, bioretention swales, permeable pavements and other similar systems. The research seeks to document the environmental performance of these systems under a wide range of climatic and site conditions.

• Installation, troubleshooting, and servicing of field sensors including: weather stations, pressure transducers, soil sensors among many others

• Preparation of technical reports including data analysis, graphical presentation of results, and preparations of descriptions of field work activities

• Literature reviews regarding new technology in the water sector including a wide range of green infrastructure systems 

• Benefit cost analyses including Stormwater calculations, construction cost estimation, and analysis of operation and maintenance requirements 

• Interaction with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and partners

• Public speaking

• Technical writing

• Basic project management including oversight of budgets, schedules and deliverables preparation 

Minimum Qualifications:
• Bachelors degree in engineering, hydrology, environmental science, applied geology, water resources, or other related fields (Masters or higher degree preferred).
• Academic or professional experiences in hydrology stormwater management, water resource planning, hydrologic modeling, and other related fields
• Some field work / laboratory research experience
• Strong technical writing, communication and verbal skills, and ability to interact effectively with other researchers, the public, and government research sponsors
• Valid Driver’s license and access to a car,
• Willingness to travel occasionally to research sites in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, as needed
• Willingness and physical stamina to work outside, even in adverse weather conditions.

Desired But Not Required Qualifications:
• Experience working with big data sets
• Programming experience, especially in R, Python, Matlab, or other similar languages.
• Prior installing, programming, operating, maintaining, and troubleshooting environmental sensors including pressure transducers, climate stations, soil sensors, weighing lysimeters, flumes, piezometers, wells, infrared cameras, thermistors, data loggers, and cellular modems from a wide range of vendors would be a plus.
• Experience with AutoCad, GIS, and other hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software like SWMM.

Qualified Candidates: Applicants should submit a CV/resume, and one-page cover letter detailing the specific academic and/or professional experiences they have that make them a good candidate for this job.

Additional Information
Review of applications will begin immediately. The research engineer will officially work in the Department of Civil, Architectural, and Engineering and will be supervised by Dr. Franco Montalto.

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Dr. Franco Montalto
Dr. Franco Montalto

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