Analyst, District Attorney's Office, Kings County

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Analyst, District Attorney's Office, Kings County

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The Kings County District Attorney's Office, located in the Metrotech area of Brooklyn, New York, is accepting applications for the position of Analyst to work in its Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau.

The Violent Criminal Enterprises Bureau seeks to stem gun violence and other criminal activity perpetrated by gangs and narcotics organizations operating in Brooklyn. The bureau uses multiple investigative strategies, including sophisticated analyses of social media, electronic communications, and other data, to build successful conspiracy and enterprise corruption cases against offenders and thereby incapacitate and dismantle these violent enterprises. The bureau also investigates and prosecutes individuals and organizations involved in the trafficking of large quantities of drugs in Brooklyn.

Under general supervision, with latitude for independent initiative and judgment and decision the prospective candidate will perform the following duties:

• Analyze data on arrests and criminal complaints and provide daily summaries of criminal activity in various geographic regions to Assistant District Attorneys.

• Gather and organize data related to high-priority criminal targets and create intelligence profiles and alerts on said targets.

• Assist in short and long term complex investigations

• Perform internet searches, mainly on social networking sites, for crime and gang information and download and categorize that information for use in future prosecutions.

• Testify before the grand jury or at trial regarding downloaded and saved data; synthesize intelligence debriefings and provide updates of information within the Kings County District Attorney’s Office as well as to the New York City Police Department.

• Gather data for inclusion in Crime Analysis Reports to be distributed to senior executives at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office; prepare various daily crime reports for the Crime Strategies Unit and others at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

• Assist in the training of Assistant District Attorneys and analysts in the protocols and use of intelligence gathering techniques and data; perform related intelligence gathering functions as needed.

Minimum Qual Requirements

Qualification Requirements
1. High school graduation or equivalent and three years of experience in community work or community centered activities in an area related to duties described above; or
2. Education and/or experience which is equivalent to "1" above.

Preferred Skills

Candidates must be adaptable, organized, comfortable working with data, and effective communicators. Experience working in law enforcement or using any of the following applications will be considered a plus: Sytech ADACS, Pen-Link, Thomson Reuters CLEAR, LexisNexis Accurint, Ringtail, and i2 Analyst's Notebook.

Salary: $ 42,799

*** This is a Grant funded position ***

New York City residency is generally required within 90 days of appointment.