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Crime Analyst

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Performs the following types of crime analysis: tactical, strategic, and intelligence. Performs analytical processes to provide timely and pertinent information regarding crime patterns, crime trends, and crime correlations. Collects, analyzes, presents and disseminates information regarding actual and anticipated criminal activity. Assists department staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of problem oriented policing projects and current department performance.

*Note: Submittal of a current resume and an analytic work product that demonstrates ability to query, clean, analyze, and/or present data is encouraged but optional.

*Additionally, if selected for an interview the process will include completion of an exam.

*Position may close without prior notice based upon number of applications received*

Examples of Work Performed:
Collect, analyze and maintain information relating to criminal activity and overall department performance. Instruct and assist with response to requests from department members in areas related to crime analysis and National Incident Based Reporting System reporting requirements.
Analyze data retrieved from computer searches of internal and external databases, police department reports and various open source documents to identify crime, crime patterns, relationships, and trends.
Utilize data to forecast future crime occurrences and develop target profile analysis
Provide direct support for the administrative strategic and tactical functions of the police department
The employee must work the days and hours necessary to perform all assigned responsibilities and tasks
Provides strategic criminal analysis to mid-­level and field commanders for strategic deployment of police resources
Works in close collaboration with field commanders to develop specific analysis on crime trends and criminal enterprises, often assisting in the development of suspect lists and recommended courses of action.
Research available databases, such as pawn shop lists, driver's license databases, mug shot databases, etc., for the compilation of research data
Works directly with investigations and patrol sections to assist with criminal investigations and criminal interdiction efforts

Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Criminology, Computer Programming, Urban Studies, Social Sciences, Data Science, GIS, Geography, Business Analytics or related field and one (1) year experience as a crime analyst or research analyst in a criminal justice agency or any combination of experience and training which enables one to perform the essential job functions. Must possess a working knowledge of computer data systems, statistical analysis, and mapping software such as ArcGIS.

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