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Facility Operator

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The Facility Operator is responsible for all aspects of operations, including treatment, process control, lift stations, collection system, maintenance, emergency repairs, and safety, primarily at Aqua’s Treasure Lake wastewater system facilities in Clearfield County, Dubois, PA. Duties also include sampling, testing, reporting, record keeping, routine work on buildings and grounds, and customer service tasks. The Facility Operator may be required to assist with water system facilities in Treasure Lake, or to report to other Aqua wastewater plants, lift stations, water treatment plants, or well stations within the Western PA Area (WPA).

RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES (Add additional lines as needed):
Operate and maintain the facilities and equipment related to the wastewater treatment plants, lift stations, and collection system mains, including investigations to locate sources of inflow/infiltration (I/I).
As needed, provide assistance to operate and maintain the facilities and equipment related to the water treatment plant, well facilities, pumping, and storage facilities. This may also involve work on the distribution system including mains, valves, hydrants and services, including leak detection work throughout the system.
Utilizes the Company’s maintenance software, performs preventative maintenance, emergency repairs and trouble shoots operational problem on all equipment and facilities.
Monitors gauges, meters and control panels, controls variations and operating conditions of the treatment process, records all operational data as directed at system facilities, noting and reporting any unusual conditions or security concerns in the system(s).
Perform calculations to determine various ratios, dosages, and volumetric calculations that are required for the operation of the wastewater treatment plants and water systems.
Operation of laboratory equipment and perform routine wastewater and water analysis. Collect, analyze, and record wastewater and water samples for regulatory compliance and process control monitoring for proper operation of the systems, documenting and certifying test results.
Assists in the preparation and submission of required operational reports to PADEP, EPA, PUC and to internal entities.
Responsible for addressing service orders pertaining to customer service calls, collection system and/or water distribution system work orders. Includes basic public relations in customer contacts and meter reading, if necessary.
Must be capable of lifting up to 75 lbs.
Understand and follow the Company’s safety program and perform assigned duties in a safe manner following OSHA, Company and any other applicable safety related rules and regulations.
Must be available for overtime work after regular hours, weekend or holiday work, “on call” responsibilities, and emergency call out duty.
Ensures that facilities and grounds are kept clean, neat and orderly.
Be neat, reliable, resourceful, have a retentive memory, be able to think and act promptly, and discern between the relative importance of assigned duties.
Perform other duties as assigned to maintain wastewater and water service continuously to customers and/or forward the goals and objectives of the Company.


High School graduate or GED equivalent. Secondary education degree a plus, with technical school advanced study in mechanical and/or instrumentation control preferred. Have the technical, academic and physical ability to perform the duties of the position. Be able to readily read, understand and accurately follow operating instructions both written and verbal. Possess a basic knowledge of mathematics, hydraulics and wastewater/water treatment principles as they apply to sewer and water systems.
Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate in writing with ability to accurately prepare operational reports. Have demonstrated reliable performance in previous jobs and/or school. Conscientious in respect for the responsibility to prevent pollution of area surface waters and safeguard the public water supply.
Computer literate in spreadsheet and word processing capabilities and ability to operate plant processes through computer controlled equipment. Ability to understand technical drawings, schematics, and manuals of wastewater and water facilities and equipment.
Valid U.S. driver’s license
Candidate must possess a Wastewater Class C Operator’s license and at least one of the required subclasses, or will be required to successfully pass the Wastewater license general examination and at least one of the required subclasses within 24 months of employment per the Company Facility Operator Licensing Requirements and Career Progression Schedule.

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