Student Success Systems Analyst

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Quinsigamond Community College

Quinsigamond Community College (QCC) was established in 1963 to provide access to higher education to residents of Central Massachusetts. Since the early 1960s, enrollment has grown from 300 to over 10,000 full- and part-time day and evening students served. QCC offers over 70 associate degree and certificate career options in Business, Healthcare, Technology, Liberal Arts, and Human Services. Additionally, over 137 credit and 300 noncredit courses are offered online, as well as a wide variety of classroom non-credit courses, workshops, and seminars. Classes are provided on the main campus, in downtown Worcester (Healthcare, Workforce Development, Continuing Education), at the Worcester Senior Center (Hospitality & Recreation Management), at Burncoat High School (Automotive Technology), and in the city of Southbridge.
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Student Success Systems Analyst
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The Student Success Systems Analyst position will manage the college’s early alert system and entire retention platform, including maintenance and functionality development. This position in conjunction with the Data Management/IT subcommittee will assist Quinsigamond Community College with the continued refinement and configuration of technology and software used for student success initiatives including STARFISH Early Alert; a web-based tool that allows an instructor or a member of the student’s support network to communicate via an academic or support alert directly with the student when a concern arises and/or a desire to share feedback. The Student Success Center and Academic Advising Office strive to consistently support students’ academic success, persistence towards educational and career goals, and on-time graduation. To that end, the analyst will utilize the early alert system to drive student success through engagement and measurement with direction from the Student Success Team and college leadership.
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Worcester, MA 01606, United states
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TO APPLY:  Job posting will be available Sunday, June 30th on college website. Applicants should visit our website  for information about our college and must apply online by July 21, 2019.  All internal applicants should be aware that their application for this vacancy constitutes permission for review of their personnel file. Successful applicants will be required to complete a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI/SORI) request. Bilingual persons are encouraged to apply.  Quinsigamond Community College is an equal opportunity affirmative action college supporting diversity.
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Job Details
Reports to the Interim Assistant Vice-President for Student Success
  1. Create longitudinal datasets for Title III program related analysis. Conduct research and analyses relevant to assessing student success.
  2. Work closely with Data Management/IT Sub-committee and Enrollment Management Team to develop and implement IT software and data collection systems that optimize statistical efficiency and data quality.
  3. Interpret data, analyze results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports that reflect retention and Title III activities. Maintain databases/data systems from primary and secondary sources.
  4. Filter and “clean” data, and review computer reports and performance indicators to locate and correct code problems.
  5. Develop business practices, policies, and procedures for faculty and staff on the use of the early alert systems.
  6. Document current and future administrative processes related to student success software to ensure business continuity.
    • Prepare and maintain software administrator guide for the Student Success Team.
    • Document technical and end-user processes for reference and training.
  7. Continually refine and develop training materials and methods for faculty, success counselors and advisors (presentations, web documents, videos, live demos, etc.) and related communications
    • Maintain the QCC Starfish site with time-sensitive updates and user step-by-step guides
    • Investigate, troubleshoot and prepare individual responses to “help” questions and issues from QCC STARFISH users
    • Assist with marketing and promotional materials for end users
    • Prepare communications for campus community to systems upgrades, outages, etc.
  8. Configure and maintain components of the STARFISH system
    • Update and configure STARFISH as charged by the IT Director, including building new roles, academic terms, progress surveys and other system components
    • Test new functionality in multiple environments
    • Review vendor communications regarding upcoming enhancements and assist Associate Director to prepare
    • Maintain templates for system communications to instructors, advisors, and students (reminders, alert notifications, meeting notifications)
    • Communicate with software vendor to report issues
  1. Communicate early alert information to all stakeholders proactively and via multiple modes of communications.
  2. Maintain collaborative working relationships with Student Success Team members, faculty and program coordinators to create supportive structures for student success.
  3. Work with the Student Success Center Team to develop retention tools and strategies; make recommendations for new processes and provide support to faculty in their retention efforts.
  4. Foster support for programs and tools from the campus community by collaborating with departments/divisions such as instruction and student services and serving on various committees.
  5. Work with Student Success Counselors, Institutional Research & Planning and Evaluator to conduct research and evaluate processes for improving retention and persistence rates for student success and report findings.
  6. Participate in annual evaluation of performance of duties.
  7. Actively support the teaching and learning process; practice honesty and integrity in and out of the classroom; strive to create and support a student-centered environment while fostering academic innovation and excellence.
  8. Work actively with other areas of the college to ensure a spirit of college wide collaboration, collegiality, civility, and teamwork.  Respect the function of dissent in an academic institution while advancing a collegial atmosphere of campus collaboration.
  9. Embrace the ideals of diversity and inclusiveness and support the equal rights of all people by advancing the understanding and appreciation of differences including age, race, gender, ability, religious convictions, socio-economic status, ethnic heritage, or sexual orientation.
  10. Provide flexible, responsive and high quality service to all, be they students, community, or staff, and continuously assess processes and procedures and revise accordingly.
  11. Performs other duties as assigned.
  1. Earned Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or MIS
  2. Effective oral and written communication skills.
  3. Knowledge of best practices in student retention; early alert systems and their impact on student success and retention; academic advising
  4. Knowledge and experience with student success software and/or database technology including: , Starfish, Drupal, SQL, and HTML
  5. Experience sharing information across multiple constituencies and the ability to train a variety of system users
  6. The ideal candidate for this position will be experienced with technology and databases, and also eager to be part of student success and graduation initiatives at QCC.
  7. Demonstrated knowledge of current social media and technology tools.
  8. Ability to communicate effectively and to work with a wide range of constituencies in a diverse community.
  1. Masters Degree in Computer Science or MIS
  2. 5 years experience programming
  3. Experience supporting student success software such as Starfish
  4. 1 year recent experience in System Administration with AIX/Unix 
  5. 1 year experience web development
  6. Experience working at a comprehensive community college.
  7. Bilingual or multicultural.
SALARY: This is a Grant-Funded position.  Salary is competitive and commensurate with education and experience. Full benefit package.