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Lunch will be provided.

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8/22/201911:30am to 1:00pmEmily Merritt

We will cover Sloan Flushometer / Faucet maintenance & trouble shooting both sensor and manual.

Presented by:
Mark Boyd, Sloan Valve Company
Mark is the manufacturers representative for Sloan Valve Company. He has been employed by Dillard Associates since 1986. Dillard has been the Sloan rep in Texas since 1932. Mark has extensive experince in trouble shooting and maintenace of flushometers/ faucets in both sensor and manual applications.

Matt Bodick, Mark's Plumbing Parts
Matt has been district manager for Mark's Plumbing Parts since 2004. He was a journeyman plumber for 15 years. Matt has been an AAFAME member for 10 years.

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8/27/201911:00am to 1:00pm

Conference call meeting access information:
Dial-in Number: 1-800-750-4065
Participant Code: 630947#

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9/6/201911:30am to 12:30pmBlari Rankin

Lunch will be provided.

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9/9/201911:30am to 1:00pmAshley Stein

Help us build the props for the EXPO!  Great opportunity for incentive volunteer hours!

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9/10/20192:00pm to 4:00pm

Lunch will be provided.

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9/12/201911:30am to 1:00pmPablo Granado

Lunch will be provided.

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9/12/201911:30am to 1:00pmRick Cannon

Five generations are working together for the first time in history. Each generation has a unique frame of reference, mindset, work style, and communication style.
Participants will learn how to effectively connect with and manage across generations to achieve goals, develop team chemistry and increase performance.  

Working in a team of diverse generations can be an incredibly rich and productive experience with the right skills to capitalize on the strengths each generation. When the generations fail to communicate effectively, there are negative ramifications such as: conflict, disengagement, increased turnover rates, poor morale, harassment and complaints.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about the different generational mindsets
  • Learn how to avoid stereo types
  • Learn how to manage to the unique strengths of each generation
  • Develop skills to work across generations
  • Build strong multigenerational communications
  • Learn how to support learning and development across all age groups

Julie Brand Lynch
Chief Talent Officer & Adjunct Professor

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9/13/201911:00am to 1:30pm

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9/18/201910:00am to 2:00pmAAFAME

BOMI International ----- Refrigeration Systems and Accessories

Maintaining the proper comfort level in an office environment is essential for tenant satisfaction. Refrigeration equipment is a key component of an air-conditioning system that must be properly maintained and operated at maximum efficiency. This course reviews the basic refrigeration cycle and refrigeration system components, as well as how to operate and maintain reciprocating and absorption refrigeration systems. You will gain the skills and knowledge to describe the principles of refrigeration and identify the performance characteristics of refrigeration components.

Key topic areas:

refrigeration cycles and principles  mechanical components of refrigeration systems  systematic troubleshooting  general maintenance procedures

Applies to:

SMC certificate
SMA® and SMT® designations


USGBC Recommendation: 24 GBCI continuing education hours toward the LEED Credential Maintenance Program

Instructor:  Michael Emma, RPA, FMA LEED Green Associate, SMA

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9/19/20196:00pm to 9:00pmBOMA Austin

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