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The competitions will be conducted according to ISSF Rules. The Official Jury will be selected from the shooters based on their experience and knowledge of the rules. All competitors are required to serve as flank referees

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 Vadim Zevlever

Ontario Outdoor Rifle Championships - 3 position match (Cut Score)
Men and Women

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09/22/1809:00Pat Vamplew

Megalink Electronic Scoring
ISSF Certified Officials
25m Pistol Women
25m Rapid Fire Pistol
25m Standard Pistol
50m Pistol (Scaled)

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The Shooting Federation of Canada will host the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Members on Saturday October 13th from 12:00pm until 3:00pm EST. This meeting will be in teleconference format (similar to last year) in an effort to engage our members from across the country. A 1 hour Board of Directors meeting will immediately follow the AMM.
For those interested in attending this meeting, please contact your PSO for information on remote locations you can visit in your province/territory for the AMM.
All members should be familiar with their SFC login credentials prior to the meeting. Only those members in good standing will be permitted to attend the meeting.


Voting Procedures

1.    Unless otherwise provided by law or by-law, approval by an annual membership meeting (AMM) shall require the favourable vote of the majority of members in good standing present thereat. In the event of a tie vote, the Chairperson of the AMM shall have a second and/or deciding vote. 

2.    The method of voting (not including elections to the board or office) shall at all times be a show of hands unless a secret ballot is deemed necessary by those present at the AMM. If the AMM is held in whole or in part by teleconference or videoconference, then notice shall be given by posting to the website at least forty eight (48) hours prior to the commencement of the AMM of all particulars pertaining to the vote and voting procedure policy. 

3.    For election of officer or board members a secret ballot either in person, by proxy or using a published electronic format voting and election procedures deemed appropriate by the Nominating Committee will be used:

Voting at the Annual Membership Meeting (AMM)

1.    Each member as described in :
Article VI of these by-laws who was a member in good standing, on the date six (6) months immediately preceding the AMM, and who continues to be a member in good standing throughout the meeting, shall have the right to vote

2.    The election of board members at the AMM shall be by secret ballot for those attending the AMM. If a member attends the AMM by teleconference, they must cast their vote consistent with the method prescribed herein. 

3.    The nominating committee (NC) shall ensure that ballots and appropriate electronic procedures for teleconferences or videoconferences are prepared and provided at the AMM. For in person voting or in the event that in person voting is required at Official Satellite locations or failure of the electronic voting system: At an appropriate time during the AMM, the ballots shall be circulated by scrutineers who shall be appointed by the voting members, at which time the said ballots shall be marked by voting members, who shall indicate by writing the chosen candidates’ name on the face of the ballot. For electronic voting the procedure must be published in accordance with Article VI section 2. No voting member may vote more than once. After a reasonable time has been allowed, the scrutineers shall collect the ballots and electronic votes from the voting members and shall count the ballots with all reasonable dispatch to the chair of the NC. 

4.    If there are two candidates in a particular election, the winner shall be the candidate who obtains the greater number of votes. Should there be more than two candidates submitting their names for office, the winner shall be the candidate who received a majority of the votes cast. Should no candidate receive the majority of the votes cast, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes shall be withdrawn from the election and new ballots shall be submitted to the voting members and another vote shall be taken. This process shall continue until an individual receives a majority of votes cast. In the event of a tie vote between the final two candidates, the person presiding at the meeting shall be required to exercise a second or deciding vote. 

Proxy Vote: Members may vote by proxy provided: 

    1. The proxy voting process defined in the SFC policy manual must be followed (see attached proxy form). 

2.    That written notice naming the member giving the proxy is received by the Nominating Committee prior to the commencement of the meeting; 

3.    That the proxy is exercised by a member in good standing.

4.    A member in good standing may exercise a proxy on behalf of only one other member in good standing.

Proxy Vote Form

Provincial/Territorial Nomination Form

Member at Large Nomination Form

***2018 Additional Voting information

Voting at Official Satellite Locations (OSL)

·         An official scrutineer and observer will be named at each OSL. 

·         Voting for motions will be taken by show of hands 

·         Votes for board member positions will be done by secret ballot and counted by the scrutineer. 

·         Results from each OSL will be reported verbally by the scrutineer and confirmed by the observer. 

Voting from Individuals (Remember that you will need to have your SFC membership log in username and password to attend the meeting in this manner - please obtain that in the next few weeks) 

·         Voting for motions and board member positions will be done by request. 

·         The software will allow for a thumbs up voting. Please note that your personal vote for both motions and board member positions will be observed by the chair Pat Boulay and another witness from the nomination committee to confirm the counts

·         Should you not want these two to know who you are voting for on the board, you will need to find an Official Satellite Location to attend the meeting. 


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10/13/18 Shooting Federation of Canada

Megalink Electronic Scoring
ISSF Certified Officials
10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle
Individual and Mixed Team Events

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50m Pistol, 25m Rapid Fire Pistol

Begins immediately after the LSBA matches finish.

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11/11/18 Ian Pattison

Megalink Electronic Scoring
ISSF Certified Officials

10m Air Pistol and Air Rifle
Individual and mixed gender team events

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