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Events in the month of August 2017
Join the Autism Society of Colorado for a sensory friendly event at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science! This Opening Doors event is FREE with RSVP through our event registration website. 

Nature's Amazing Machines at DMNS
Saturday, August 26, 2017
6pm - 8pm

During this event, you are able to explore Nature's Amazing Machines at your leisure. Get an inside look at how animals, plants and all of nature are built to adapt to their surroundings!  There will be plenty to look, feel and touch - an exhibit not to be missed!

**Space is extremely limited to this sensory friendly event, so reserve your spot NOW! RSVP at


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Monkey Bizness - Westminster
has been added as a new community partner!  
Join ASC and Monkey Bizness
Thursday, August 31 from 4pm-7pm
for our first Family Night.

They have graciously opened their doors to our families and offer an entry discount as well as a designated room for quiet space and eating.  You'll have the availabilty to order food through their cafe or utilize their partner Marco's Pizza.

As each Monkey Bizness is independently owned, they all offer different varieties of play, equipment and space.  Monkey Bizness Westminster has been designed for 8 and under but everyone is welcome!  Come check it out and be on the look out for future dates.

Socks must be worn at all times.

Admission Pricing starts at 4:00pm:
$5.75 for Toddlers
$7.50 for children 3 and up

*Snacks are welcome!*  Support Monkey Bizness by ordering through their cafe for hotdogs, brats and a variety of prepackaged items.  Marco's Pizza is their community partner if you'd like to have pizza as well!!  (please leave any other vendor food at home)


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