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Events in the month of December 2017

Southlands and Autism Society of Colorado have partnered host a very special Santa experience for children with sensory processing disorders and autism on Saturday, December 9, 2017. The event starts at 8am at Southlands’ Santa Photo Experience location. 

Southlands works directly with their Santa Photo vendor to host this special activity for 2 ½ hours before the regular business day to provide something special for families wishing to attend. In advance of the event (sometime during the week of the event), a member of the Autism Society of CO team comes to Southlands to train the Santa Photo staff (including Santa) on ways to make this a comfortable and welcoming experience for the attendees. 

The day of the event, Autism Society of CO is on hand to answer questions, greet families, hand out information. In year’s past, to give kids some type of entertainment, there is a designated coloring area with coloring books available. 

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