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8/3/2020 - 8/7/2020
FIAT is a five-day introduction to the basics of law enforcement intelligence analysis. As the name indicates, FIAT provides a foundation, a basic knowledge and understanding, of the elements of the law enforcement analysis profession. The FIAT curriculum is guided by the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan and the IALEIA/Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative's Law Enforcement Analytic Standards. It is intended for civilian and sworn law enforcement, as well as regulatory personnel who have not received formal, basic, intelligence analysis training.

You’ve probably heard of the dark web, but do you know what makes it “dark”? Do you know how to access it, or what value it can provide to your online research or investigations? During this webinar, Ntrepid Academy instructors will introduce students to the dark web, review how to manage your online attribution while navigating it, and discuss some helpful tips for finding information and collecting information on the dark web.
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Join Ntrepid Academy analysts as they identify and collect information on threat actors operating online in real time. Nicknamed Project Fallen Angel, this webinar features a live demonstration of how to use Nfusion, our managed attribution platform, to operate on encrypted messaging applications, infiltrate closed networks, and conduct advanced OSINT activities across the clear, deep, and dark web.
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8/25/2020 - 8/26/2020

Join us for this 2-day unique event featuring Michele Stuart, from JAG Investigations, as she reveals how internet-based communications can provide law enforcement with critical information and she will demonstrate innovative tactics for acquiring information. We will host multiple sessions led by PenLink subject-matter experts who will demonstrate key features of PLX, present a sneak peek for upcoming functionality, and more.

Tuesday, August 25

1:00 - 2:05 pm CT
Michele Stuart, JAG Investigations

Ms. Stuart is a popular industry speaker including speaking at major conferences such as NATIA and ICAC, doing a condensed version of her presentation on how to utilize correct search patterns and open sources for social media platforms.

2:10 - 3:10 pm CT
Led by Brendan Moore, PenLink Training Team

Learn how to maximize use of PLX; the tool you need in your toolbox. Join us for the PLX Key Features demonstration that will highlight the key functions of PLX that are central to helping you with your investigations.

Wednesday, August 26

1:00 - 2:00 pm CT
Led by Dr. Lori Lambert, PenLink Product Manager
Trista Whitehead, PenLink Team Lead, UX Design
Kaitlyn Ziola, PenLink Product Manager

PenLink's Product Strategy team will spotlight features recently added to PLX, unveil features that will be coming to PLX, and reveal ways that you can get involved with PenLink and influence our products.

2:05 pm - 3:05 pm CT
Led by Shelby Robinson, PenLink Instructional Designer

Over the last 12 months, we've released over 2,000 new features in PLX. Join us for the What's New in PLX demonstration to discover how some of the most impactful features can transform how you conduct your investigations.

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The following list of IALEIA seminars, meetings, and various intelligence training events is posted for our membership to improve their analytical skill sets and resource network.