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3/26/2019 - 3/28/2019
This awareness-level course, Fundamentals of Criminal Intelligence, presents participants with the core capabilities required for participants from an all-crimes, all-hazards perspective. It encompasses traditional crimes and domestic and international acts of terrorism. This course introduces participants to intelligence and distinguishes between intelligence and information. Among the topics covered are the Intelligence Community, responsibilities of participants, and goals and uses of criminal intelligence products. The potential range of customers and their needs are addressed. This course incorporates the five-step intelligence process and the importance of critical and creative thinking as it pertains to analysis of information and the intelligence process. Participants will become familiar with the Information Sharing Environment, suspicious activity reporting, and legal authorities and guidance associated with criminal intelligence collection and use, including privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties laws. Finally, this course addresses the benefits of forming strategic partnerships and collaborative networks. The goal of this course is to ensure participants leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively participate in and contribute to the criminal intelligence enterprises within their agencies
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How can agencies be more efficient during off peak hours? Riley County KS has developed a crime-reduction program to help patrol officers proactively utilize their down time between assigned calls for service. With the help of research partnerships with Kansas State University and George Mason University, the program reduces property and public disorder offenses through analysis of crime patterns and other variables which can be addressed effectually by patrol officers direction between service calls and at the same time giving them the autonomy to focus on their own areas of interest. Join Riley County Analyst, Bruce Blackman, to learn about the development of the Officer Accountability Playbook and how the results are helping this agency reduce crime.
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Hosted by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and Rochester Police Department, Delivered by GeoTime.
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Hosted by Fayetteville Police Department, Delivered by GeoTime.
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The following list of IALEIA seminars, meetings, and various intelligence training events is posted for our membership to improve their analytical skill sets and resource network.