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BPAMA Update
National Leadership Board accomplishments

National Leadership Board accomplishments
The BPAMA’s National Leadership Board (NLB) met in Chicago, November 13th & 14th. The meeting focused on growth and the initiatives the board has been leading. For example:  enhanced supply availability,  Driver Rewards, Better. Period program to improve site and market execution, mutual opportunities and areas to close gaps in delivering BP brand proposition and offer.
Leadership Team Transition
Over the next few months the  associations leadership team will be is implementing the already established transition plan:
l   Randy Meffert, Meffert Oil, Waunakee, WI the current past chairman will conclude his board service after 14 amazing years of leadership to the association!
l   Jim Mulgrew, Mulgrew Oil, Dubuque, IA the current chairman of BPAMA will assume the Board position as Past Chairman
l   Andrew McIlvaine, Coen Oil, Washington PA, will assume the role as Chairman of BPAMA.
l   Pete Mancini, Parent Petroleum, St. Charles, IL, has been elected as the new Vice Chairman.
John Kleine returns as interim Executive Director of BPAMA.
l   John has stepped back in to lead the association in the continued advancement of the collaborative growth strategy which BPAMA and BP began two years ago.
l   In addition John will be coordinating the search process for a new Director following the departure of Walt Clements
l   The search is being supported with the help of Jason McAuliffe, President of Energy Recruiters, Inc. 

Published: 12/15/13