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2016-2017 Board
Announcing the 2016-2017 MI-ALA boards

The votes have been tallied, and we are happy to announce our MI-ALA leadership for the 2016-2017 year! For short biographies and photos, please visit
2016-2017 MI-ALA Board of Directors
President: Stephanie Mathson
Vice President: Jessica Sender
Past-President: Rachel Minkin
Secretary: Barbara Bolek
Treasurer: Jill Morningstar
Publicly Funded University Representatives
Paul Gallagher
Beth Martin
Private University Representatives
Julia Eisenstein
Dawn Winans
Community College Representatives
Kendra Lake
Sandy McCarthy
Committee Chairs
Conference Planning Committee Chair: Christina Radisauskas
Communications Committee Chair: Ashley Blinstrub
Membership Committee Chair: Corrine Thompson
Administrative Section Board
Chair: Julie Garrison
Chair-elect: Arlene Weismantel
Secretary: Nancy Beals
Collections Section Board
Chair: Mike Hawthorne
Chair-elect: Breezy Silver
Secretary: Dejah Rubel
At-large Representative: Edwina Murphy
At-large Representative: Tom Volkening
User Experience Section Board
Chair: Christine Tobias
Chair-elect: Emilia Marcyk
Secretary: Katrina Rouan
At-large Representative: Karl Ericson
At-large Representative: Jennifer Wright
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Published: 08/01/16