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August President's Message
In a few short weeks our campuses will be a-buzz with new activity, and let me start by wishing everyone a happy new (academic) year for 2019-2020. I also want to wish MiALA and its members a happy 5th anniversary.  In a short time we have accomplished many great professional development and service opportunities. It has been an exciting five years and I’m looking forward to what this year brings.
On August 6, 2019, our board, committee chairs, IGCC, and IG leadership will gather to reflect on how far we have come and to envision what will happen this coming year. I am sure all of our leaders will continue to provide exciting professional development, enriched learning, and topical conversations to all of its membership. And I look forward to hearing what they plan to offer during the retreat.
Lastly, I want to thank you, the members of MiALA. Without your hard work and dedication we wouldn’t have come as far as we have. In the past five years we have grown into an active organization full of energy and excitement. Thank you for making MiALA what it is.
                                                                        Respectfully yours,
                                                                        Beth Martin

Published: 08/07/19