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Introducing the MiALA Mentoring Program
The MiALA Membership Committee is excited to introduce new mentoring and micro-mentoring opportunities for MiALA members! Grow your professional network, ask questions related to your professional work, and more! The MiALA Membership Committee Mentoring Program is designed to contribute to the professional development of all members of MiALA. The program creates opportunities for the exchange of ideas and experiences between paired mentors and mentees. Mentors should be experienced in their fields and have a passion for their work. Mentees should be librarians who are seeking to improve their skills and knowledge related to librarianship or specific aspects of librarianship.

Who: You, a MiALA member! Sign up to be a mentor or a mentee

What: A mentoring and micro-mentoring relationship for all MiALA members. Commit to at least one conversation between mentors and mentees to get to know one another and allow for the mentee to ask questions or get advice on their identified professional issue.

When: Sign up to be a mentor or mentee by Friday, November 8th. The MiALA Membership Committee will pair you with a mentor or mentee by January 6th.

Where: Email, phone, Zoom, Skype, however you’d like to get in contact with one another. Are you local to one another? Consider getting coffee together!

How: Would you like to be a mentor? Submit this form to sign up:  
Would you like to find a mentor? Potential mentees, submit this form to sign up:

The MiALA Membership Committee will match up mentors and mentees and get in touch to make the connection! All we ask is that you talk through email, phone, Zoom, or whatever will work best for you at least once to provide advice or build each other’s professional network.

Published: 10/16/19