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Event Name:How to Make a Data-Driven Lane Risk Assessment for a COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery
Description:Join us for a webinar on Wednesday, July 14, 2021 from 1:30PM -2:00PM EST!

Stefan Braun
Managing Director

How to Make a Data-Driven Lane Risk Assessment for a COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery

This talk comprises several case studies from Covid-19 vaccine delivery with different labels, 2-8 °C, <-20 °C and < -70 °C with dry ice.
This illustrate how the Virtual Cold Chain is used to simulate the risk of temperature excursions on a lane. The versatility and statistical reliability achieved with this strategy go far beyond what can be achieved in traditional purely test-driven approaches.

Typical factors that lead to temperature excursions are tolerances in insulation materials and preconditioning processes, ambient temperatures that are different from prequalification test profiles, influence of the sun when the packages are held on the tarmac, temperature differences during conditioning of PCMs, and more. All factors can be included in the Virtual Cold Chain lane risk assessment. A large set of simulation scenarios is set up to analyze the influence of each individual factor on the risk of temperature excursions. Stability data of the transported drug are used to rate the severity of the excursion, and to decide whether it is an uncritical temperature label excess, or a product integrity violation. Using the parameters excursion rate and rate of product loss, which are available from the simulation, the total costs of ownership for different packaging solutions are determined. This systematic approach enables finding the optimal packaging for a specific lane under cost/risk considerations.

Stefan Braun's Biography: Stefan studied technical physics in Munich. He wrote 2 books about Simulation Software and a lot of article in journals about mathematical modeling.He is managing director of SmartCAE, a software company which works on the digital Virtual Cold Chain.

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Event Date:7/14/2021
Event Time:1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Eastern
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