European Packaging Symposium Sponsor Spotlight with Mecmesin
4:00PM - 5:00 CET
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Join the ISTA European Packaging Symposium Sponsor Spotlight with Mesmesion.
Thursday, September 22, 2022 from 4:00PM - 5:00PM CET

Topic: Packaging Testing for the Supply Chain

T-Peel (Adhesion Strength) Testing
This webinar with live testing will focus on T-Peel testing, which is one of the most common approaches to measuring the adhesion or bonding strength of adhesives. In packaging, materials that are bonded together are usually tested using this method in accordance with ASTM-D1876 to ensure they meet production and quality standards.

Top-load Testing – Establishing Repeatability and Consistency
The webinar will also cover top-load testing, which is the method used to simulate and measure the force exerted on packaging containers during production, filling, capping, storage and transport. The testing is used as a quality control parameter and is typically performed on plastic containers, metal cans, glass jars and cardboard boxes. Regardless of the container size or shape, the top-load test procedure still applies the same principles to determine:
· The Force when the container is compressed to a certain displacement
· The Deflection when the container is compressed to a known force
· The point of deformation or failure when a container is compressed

What You’ll Learn in Webinar:
· The importance of Adhesion Strength Testing
· Best methods of T-Peel Testing (Semi-Automated)
· Selecting the best grips and fixtures
· Overview of Top-load Testing
· Best methods of Top-load Testing (Semi-Automated)
· Selecting Test Fixtures – Vented versus Non-vented vs Self-leveling Compression Plates
· Factors that affect consistent and repeatable testing

Presenter: Moses da Rocha, Product & Applications Manager, Mecmesin
Biography: Moses joined Mecmesin, a PPT Group brand, in February 2006. He has worked in different capacities from Operations, Sales, and Technical Support to his current role as Product and Applications Manager.

In the past 16 years, Moses has provided application solutions, site installations and training to many end-users in the Automotive, Aerospace, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and general manufacturing industries. He is also a key presenter for Mecmesin’s Force & Torque Webinars and Virtual Demonstrations.
Moses is currently based in the Sterling, VA office of PPT Group in the United States. He may be reached directly at

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