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Childhood Apraxia of Speech – What YOU Need to Know

Session Description
A recent survey collected by Bjorem Speech indicated that over 40% of SLP's consider themselves novice/still learning in the area of CAS. During this course we will outline the characteristics of CAS and how they differentiate from other speech disorders and how that impacts a differential diagnosis. We will walk through the evaluation process, learn how to choose targets, write goals and learn about treatment approaches and strategies. Multi-sensory cueing strategies will be reviewed and how to incorporate cueing into therapy. Videos of preschool and early school-age children in therapy will be used to help with strategy and understanding.
Learning Objectives
1.          After completing this class, participants will be able to identify the characteristics of CAS that differentiate the diagnosis from other speech sound disorders.
2.          Participants will be able to define childhood apraxia of speech.
3.          Participants will become familiar with differential diagnostic criteria for CAS and learn how to informally assess.
4.          Participants will become familiar with the research-based treatment approaches available for CAS.
5.          Participants will understand cueing strategies to support a motor planning approach to therapy.
Jennie Bjorem, M.A., CCC-SLP, received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Saint Louis University and graduated from Truman State University with her master’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders in May 1999. She has a great understanding from a parent perspective as she has a young child with special needs. She is the owner of Children’s Therapy Services in Overland Park, Kansas. Jennie’s area of expertise is in early intervention birth through 5, parent education and childhood apraxia of speech. She currently provides 24 speech therapy sessions a week to children with CAS. Jennie is recognized for her advanced training and expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech by Apraxia Kids. She presented at the Apraxia Kids national conference, had over 75 hours of CAS training in 2018 and was awarded the ASHA ACE Award for Continuing Education. Jennie travels the country speaking on the topic of CAS in her spare time. Jennie is the creator of the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues for acquisition of speech and literacy.
Disclosures:  Jennie Bjorem receives money from the sales of the Bjorem Speech Sound Cues, Bjorem Publications and sales from her TPT Store.


This course is offered for 0.3 ASHA CEUs (Professional area, Intermediate level).


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4/6/2019 - 4/6/2019


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