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Intramural Fun Race- Cohasset

In the mood for a intramural fun race with a bit of a competitive edge? We are planning a new intramural race event for the afternoon of Saturday, August 3rd and thought we’d reach out to see if you, or a crew of your choosing, might be interested.  The event will be open to all members, including youth and adults. In fact we havea few boats of 7th right through 11th grade students.  I am pretty sure they think they can finish before you?! I would love to encourage them to try their best, and just a little bit of me hopes there are a few adult boats up to the challenge and that we beat them even by a stroke or two...  

Format will depend upon turnout - there’s a high tide that will permit a Gulf race if we have up to 5 boats, or we can run heats in the outer harbor if we have more than 5.  Some mixture of the two is also an option.  Regardless of the race course, stay afterwards for a gathering to celebrate all rowers with food and beverages.  

Please email and let us know by July 23rd if you’re interested.  

We’d love to have you join us!! 


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