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Setting Your Rates - The Cost of Quality and the Market Rate Survey

Child Care Works subsidy rates are established by OCDEL based in part on the private pay rates providers report in PELICAN. Are your rates based on your actual costs? How much does “quality” child care really cost and how do you calculate that? Join us to hear from experienced administrators of high-quality programs on how they budget for the true cost of quality and the funding/supports needed to achieve high quality based on their program standards. 

Gain a better understanding of the variables that impact quality, how to incorporate those key elements into your budget and identify and combine funding streams to achieve your program goals. Learn tips and resources to ensure that your budget reflects those goals and the true costs of operating a quality child care program. 

Mary Graham, Executive Director, Children's Village, Philadelphia
Diana Verbeck, Executive Director, Danville Child Development Center, Danville

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1:00 PM -- 2:30 PM


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