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Berlin | Virtual Session - Words That Change Minds. The 10 Fundamental Differences between the Genders at Work and Why They Matter.

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Online Meeting

<< Rescheduled from March 19, 2020 to June 18, 2020 >>

Have you ever had difficulty getting your ideas accepted and recognized in a meeting? Have you noticed that some people seem very manipulative?

People respond based on their largely unconscious beliefs, values and the metaphors they live by. What is perceived to be important to a person has an impact on what they do and what they say. Current research indicates that these are often gender-based. 
Whichever of the genders your colleagues have, what matters is whether YOU KNOW WHEN they are operating from the Traditional Male Model or Traditional Female Model or something in between. Your approach can turn on or turn off your colleagues, establish or ruin your credibility. 
In this learning session you will learn how to identify who is operating from which Model and to identify which metaphors and language to use and avoid at all costs with whom. Find out why some people seem to want to sabotage your work and what to do about it.
How can you engage everyone when you make a presentation by appealing to different values systems without compromising your own? 
How can you establish an authentic relationship, even with a diverse group with widely varying values? 
Why should anyone listen to you anyway?
In this workshop, you will learn
  • How to identify your own critical (essential) beliefs and values about your work, career, risk-taking and strategic decisions
  • How to identify your own value framework and that of others
  • How to adjust your communication style to connect with others, avoid misunderstandings, increase your impact and create better relationships
About Shelle Rose Charvet

Shelle is an expert on influencing and unconscious communication processes: what drives people to act or not to act.
Her new 3rd edition of her international bestselling book "Words That Change Minds" was named by Forbes Magazine as "best management book for entrepreneurs and executives." The German language version is “Wort Sei Dank”. This book is currently available in 15 languages with 5 more to come.
Shelle is from Canada, she provides training, keynote speaking and consulting in English and French on solving communication problems and persuasion around the world. She is CEO of a software startup and partner in two digital training companies, including a leading women's program: Advanced Business Influence. https://instituteforinfluence.com/

June 18, 2020
6pm CEST (we start @ 6pm sharp) - 8pm

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Guests: 35 Euro
Students: 10 Euro
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Exceptions apply due to Corona situation. Please contact e.scheid@emwd-berlin.de
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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM MEA

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