Event Name:
Fowling Warehouse Fundraiser

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When: March 21st, 1-5pm
Team: $100 Individual: $25
Food and drinks included with team registration.

Benefit: Women and Family Shelter: This fowling tournament will benefit The Salvation Army Booth Services Women and Children's Shelter, one of the housing services under The Bed & Bread Club, which provides nearly 118,000 nights of shelter to metro Detroiters every year. This emergency shelter provides temporary residence for homeless women and their children; it also provides support services to help residents avoid a return to the streets. Funds raised for the shelter go toward meals, clothing, medical care, individual counseling, housing placement assistance, parenting skills and nutrition classes for shelter residents.

Event Date:

Event Time:
1pm - 5pm

Fowling Warehouse
3901 Christopher St
Hamtramck, MI 48211

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