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Making the Census Count for all PA Kids!


Did you know there is an official 2020 Census song? Or that Sesame Street's Count von Count is sharing the message about the importance of responding to the Census? Do you know how much federal funding Pennsylvania missed over the past 10 years because of undercounting in the last Census? Join us to learn all this and especially how YOU can help encourage families in your program to participate in the 2020 Census.

The federal government uses census data to help allocate over $800 billion a year in federal funds to key programs that serve children and families. When we miss young children in the census, our communities miss out on funding for public programs for much of their childhood. This can mean anything from overcrowded classrooms to limited public funding available to help families in need of food. It also means that our families in need of child care subsidies stand even less of a chance of getting the funds they need to cover the high price of child care.

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1:00 PM -- 2:00 PM


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Maureen Murphy
(phone: 717-657-9000)

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