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The International Automotive Remarketers Alliance (IARA), a US-based 501c6 non-profit trade association, was formed in 2001 to primarily represent institutional consignors of automobiles within the automotive remarketing industry. Sometimes referred to as “The Voice of the Consignor,” its core membership consists of OEMs, financial institutions, fleet management companies, rental car agencies, and other companies that resale automobiles through the various wholesale market channels. Membership in “the Alliance” is company-based and open to all segments of the remarketing industry including auctions, logistics companies, digital remarketing companies, affiliate trade associations, and other supporters of the auto remarketing process. In cooperation with other automotive trade associations, the IARA strives to promote efficiencies, best practices, new technologies, and education for its members. IARA’s CAR (Certified Automotive Remarketers) Program has become the gold standard of certification for automotive remarketer professionals and is rapidly becoming a part of the training culture for various companies within the industry. The courses and proctored tests are available online at the organization’s website, www.IARA.biz. Audio and Canadian versions of the curriculum are also available online. IARA’s two annual conferences serve to provide attendees a platform to exchange ideas, network with peers and clients, and to hear from leading experts and panels about developments in the marketplace. One of the conferences is typically held in the early Spring. The other late-summer event (referred to as “The IARA Summer Roundtable”) also serves as a backdrop for the passing of the presidential gavel, which takes place every two years. Four of the six members of IARA’s Executive Committee (the chair, the president, the VP, and the 2nd VP) are elected by the board and make up the presidential succession that is designed to provide continuity for leadership initiatives. IARA members populate ten (10) active committees that also meet during the two annual conferences and develop many of the projects sponsored by the organization. One of these committees is the Canadian Committee, which represents the fastest growing segment of IARA membership… The Canadian Committee consists of six sub-committees that mirror many of the tasks managed by their US counterparts, while addressing specific issues related to the Canadian market. More membership, committee, and IARA contact information may be obtained at www.IARA.biz.

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