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The Magic Years


The Magic Years Childcare began back in 2002 as an in home childcare center when Antoinette & Delores Cooper had a dream to serve her community and support children's education. Antionette started out providing childcare services to family and friends in her home and then the word got around the neighborhood and she was quickly recognized as the home away from home and had so many students she had to expand. As Germantown evolved, the need for quality early childhood education increased, over the next ten years Cooper quickly grew out of the home setting and moved into a childcare center at 37-39 Maplewood Mall and later expanded again to our current and largest facility at 36 W Chelten Avenue where we are able to support upwards of 60 children, ages 6 weeks - 13 years old, throughout our traditional & non-traditional programs. The center's leadership is a big reason why the Magic is still sparkling. Our leadership team consists of our founder and Executive Director Mrs. Antoinette Cooper-Edney, our two Directors Mrs. Delores Cooper and Miss Nancy Turner, who has climbed the ranks as she has been with us since she graduated high school and was able to not only reach her academic goals but also her career goals. The real Magic is in our amazing, dedicated teachers who have chosen to contribute their talents and expertise to the center. Our teachers are not only the heart of our center but the backbone of the entire industry and we appreciate the work they do everyday to develop and nurture your children during those Magic Years!
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Lead Teacher
The Magic Years is seeking a lead teacher to join our team at our STAR 4 facility. A lead teacher is responsible for the academic, social-emotional growth and development of children in their care. The primary function of lead teachers is to work with parents, administrators and other teachers to improve students' experience and meet teaching objectives. Additionally, lead teachers plan, evaluate and improve the physical environment of the classroom to create opportunities that meet the changing needs of the developing child.
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Philadelphia, PA 19144, United states
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Nancy Turner
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Apply online at https://themagicyears.net/careers
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