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Lawrence County Community Action Partnership

Lawrence County Community Action Partnership is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life within Lawrence County by eliminating and preventing the causes and effects of poverty by mobilizing and directing resources to assist, educate and promote self-sufficiency. LCCAP operates early learning services for children ages 6 weeks to K eligibility. These services are located in 10 locations across the county, and include DHS certified child care, Early Head Start, Head Start and PA Pre-K Counts.
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Assistant Teacher
Assistant Teachers in LCCAP early learning programs work collaboratively with a multi-disciplinary teach to individualize comprehensive services for the children and families in their classrooms.

LCCAP early learning programs utilize ASQ 3 and ASQ-SE for screening, and The Creative Curriculum and its' assessment method, GOLD. ChildPlus is our primary data system.

Assistant Teacher responsibilities:
1. Works with children in planned activities designed to meet educational, social, and health needs and abilities of children.
2. Remains up-to-date on information that pertains to the needs of the children in the program including Head Start Performance Standards, child care licensing regulations and other applicable regulations and practices.
3. Maintains strict confidentiality with respect to children, families and staff in accordance with established policies and procedures.
4. Implements education lesson plans and daily programs for children in accordance with each child’s need, based on a method of observing and recording children’s interests and current levels of functioning.
5. Supports social and emotional development and provides positive guidance and discipline.
6. Provides opportunities for children to develop social relationships.
7. Maintains a commitment to professionalism and continues own professional development so that decisions are based on knowledge of early childhood theories and practice.
8. Attends training as determined appropriate.
9. Assists with recruiting children as required.
10. Supervises and eats nutritionally prepared meals with the children as a curriculum activity, to model good nutrition and proper social skills.
11. Participates in and supports parent and family involvement activities, including PCC childcare and activity development and implementation.
12. Assists and supports respectful inclusion of children with all special needs into the classroom community.
13. Participates in all curricular activities, including gross motor, etc.
14. Provides a stable classroom routine and environment.
15. Screens, observes and assesses children as required.
16. Meets with parents, other content area staff, and community agencies on children's progress as requested.
17. Participates in home visits and parent conferences as requested.
18. Encourages In-Kind participation.
19. Works with other staff in providing comprehensive services for children at the center.
20. Supports transportation of children as bus monitor, following all policies and procedures.
21. Provides documentation of completed training related to independent ongoing professional development as it occurs.
22. Performs other related work as required on behalf of the agency.
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High School/GED
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New Castle, PA 16101, United states
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