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 Hearing Aid Practitioner/Audiologist
Multiple Locations, AB
Posted: 03/27/19

Hearing is not just an ordinary sense - it is the gateway for human connection and an irreplaceable means of comprehension. We believe in our team and our patients. We believe in going above and beyond in order to always grow and improve. We serve with passion and excellence.

Are you seeking an exciting and challenging experience in the hearing healthcare industry? Consider the Audiologist position with Hearing Sense. As an Audiologist, you are responsible for conducting comprehensive hearing consultations for out patients. You would be working closely with our patients to diagnose severities of hearing loss and provide them with the best lifestyle solution. The position will travel between three of our locations in Alberta: Red Deer, Camrose and Wetaskiwin.

In This Role You Will:

Conduct/administer hearing evaluations and fittings. Verify hearing instruments and accessories. Prescribe, fit and program hearing aids and accessories. Provide counselling and follow up support and care for families and clients. Work with the patients to find the proper solution suitable for their lifestyle ensuring patients feel comfortable is extremely important. Oversee general business functions. Participate in continuing professional development. Travel between multiple clinic locations


Education: Dortoral or Master's Degree in Audiology preferred, 2 year Diploma program from recognized Hearing Aid Practitioner Program. Audiologist certification registered with ACSLPA, Hearing Aid Practitioner certification registered with CHAPA. Minimum 2 year experience in the industry. Computer literacy. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Excellent presentation and interpersonal skills. Strong time management and organizational skills. Excellent problem solving and troubleshooting skills. Ability to function within a team environment. Ability to work and travel independently. Demonstrated commitment to quality. Analytical; attention to detail.

If you believe you have the skills necessary, please forward your resume to quoting "Audiologist" or "Practitioner" in the subject line.

We thank all those that apply but only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Bow River Hearing - Hearing Instrument Specialists
Calgary, AB
Posted: 01/07/19

About Bow River Hearing

We change lives, reconnect people and rebuild the confidence of others.

We are passionate about hearing health, helping our community, and promise to care for others like family.

Bow River Hearing is a privately owned full-service hearing healthcare provider with 4 locations in Calgary and Airdrie. For 25 years Bow River Hearing has been committed to the highest standards in hearing diagnostics and patient care services. This commitment stems from our belief that hearing is essential to maintaining connections with those we love. We believe that everyone deserves to hear and live better, so we do everything we can to not only make a difference in the lives of our patients but also those within our community and the world.

Job Description

This position offers an excellent career opportunity within a fun, friendly, and growing organization. We are looking for a passionate hearing provider who cares about their patients and is enthusiastic about community outreach. The ideal candidate will have demonstrated the ability to conduct diagnostic assessments, experience in prescribing, dispensing and servicing hearing aids, strong counselling skills, and displays excellent written and verbal communication and reporting skills. This is a permanent full-time position.

We offer:
- A competitive salary and compensation package
- Professional fee coverage
- Continuing education support
- Full health benefits coverage

In addition:
- We promote continued education, training and team building activities in and outside of Calgary.
- We believe it is our job to educate our patients, not to sell them. This is why we believe in competitive salaries without commission.
- We offer additional paid holidays (i.e. week between Christmas and New Years Eve).
- We are committed to our community and the world and hope that you volunteer at various facilities for seniors and the less fortunate: Our annual mission trip abroad to help those in 3rd world nations hear and live better.

Responsibilities will include:

The development of long-term trusted relationships with our patients:

Establish rapport and gather information from patients, conduct audiometric testing, and provide recommendations for hearing aids
Program and fit hearing aids
Aural rehab and follow up care
Manage the growth of patient pipeline
Partner in community outreach and education

- Skills in Vestibular; Cochlear and Tinnitus are a plus
- Excellent interpersonal skills
- Strong organizational skills
- Ability to prioritize and handle a high volume of patients
- Ability to work in a team environment
- Ability to maintain a positive and professional attitude
- Strong compassion, care and respect for patients

If you share our passion for helping others, come join our collaborative, friendly culture and be part of a Canadian leader in hearing healthcare.

Please submit your resume by emailing or call 403-777-4723.

CHAPA - Continuing Competence Chair (Volunteer)
Calgary, AB
Posted: 01/07/19

Mandate of the Committee:
The mandate of the Continuing Competence Committee is to ensure that methods are in place to monitor CHAPA members’ completion of annual continuing competence requirements.

Committee Membership:
Members: a minimum of 2, which are to include the Exam Chair, and the Registrations Chair, additional members can be included, (number determined by the Chair; individuals may be recommended by the Chair or Council)

Length of Term:
As determined by Council

Role and Responsibilities of the Chair:

- Attend Council and Association Meetings -
1. Attend meetings in keeping with CHAPA’s standards and/or as requested by the President.
2. Prepare reports for meetings as requested.

- Plan and Implement Continuing Competence Monitoring Processes -
1. Inform all new members about CHAPA’s continuing competency requirements including time frames and provide guidance as appropriate.
2. Respond to members’ questions about CHAPA’s continuing competency program requirements.
3. Collaborate with the continuing competency program site administrator to confirm that all information on the site is current.
Track and Report Members’ Completion of Continuing Competency

- Requirements -
1. Track members’ progress in meeting continuing competency requirements in keeping with CHAPA’s standards.
2. Inform the Registrar if and when members have not completed their continuing competency requirements within the required time frames.
3. Liaise with representatives from other Colleges governed by the Health Professions Act to establish and share best practices for implementing maintenance of competency standards.

- Organize and Chair Continuing Competence Committee Meetings -
1. Schedule Committee meetings and notify members.
2. Chair the meetings and record minutes or delegate minute-taking to a Committee member.

- Prepare or Assist in the Preparation of Training and Reference Materials -
1. In keeping with direction from the Council or President, and on behalf of CHAPA, lead or participate in the development of training programs that could be accessed by members to meet their continuing competency requirements.

- Perform Audits -
1. Organize and perform annual continuing competency audits in keeping with CHAPA’s professional practice standards and the stipulations of the Health Professions Act and directions from Council and/or the President.
2. Prepare a Continuing Competency Audit Report in keeping with CHAPA’s professional practice standards.
3. Prepare and submit audit reports to the Registrar.

- Perform and Submit Reports to the Secretary -
1. Prepare a status report of the Committee’s activities for Council and Association meeting as requested using the standard format for Committee reports.
2. Submit the Committee report to the secretary at least a week in advance of the meeting.
3. Prepare an annual Continuing Competency Committee Report for the AGM and as appropriate, include recommendations, attendance, costs and other information as may be required or important to be known.

- Retain Committee Minutes and Continuing Competency Reports -
1. Retain minutes of committee meetings and Continuing Competency Reports in keeping with CHAPA standards.
2. Ensure that all records are complete and in proper order before providing these to the incoming Chair.

- Orientate New Members of the Continuing Competency Committee -
1. Orientate the new members to the mandate of the Continuing Competence Committee including but not limited to the role and responsibilities of the Chair and the members, the need for confidentiality in all matters pertaining to Continuing Competency, time requirements, assessment of members’ Continuing Competency status and other information deemed important.
2. Arrange for the members to read, sign and return the Confidentiality Agreement and retain these in CHAPA’s files.
3. Serve as a resource to Committee members as needed.

- Orientate the Incoming Chair of the Continuing Competence Committee -
1. Schedule a meeting with the incoming Chair and review the committee mandate, role and duties of the Chair and members, most recent Committee reports and recommendations for changes as appropriate.
2. Provide all examinations documents including Committee minutes and reports to the incoming Chair.
3. Serve as a resource to the new Chair on an as needed basis.

- Other Duties -
1. Complete other duties as requested by the President.

Qualities and Skills Required:
- Must be a member in good standing for a minimum of 2 years with a - good understanding of CHAPA’s processes and standards
- Strong organizational skills
- Experience completing audits
- Impartiality and the ability to respect privacy

Role and Responsibilities of the Committee Members:
1. Attend Committee meetings as requested.
2. Assist with other activities as requested by the Committee Chair.

Qualities and Skills Required:
Strong organizational skills
Experience organizing training an asset

Please send your resume to Amanda Mackaracher at or call at 780-678-3282

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